Crude Oil prices drops to Negative


Crude oil has now become cheaper than a bottle of water! The staggering collapse of the demand amid the COVID-19 lockdown has plummeted the oil industry and has posed a severe threat to the economy. Read more

Students life in dehradun

Students life in dehradun

Dehradun has earned its reputation as the most preferred venue for gaining an education in the country. “The School Capital of India”- Dehradun possess the largest cartel of some of the most renowned educational organizations Read more


How to identify the skills of your child

Identification is always the first step towards the building of any project.  The same theory applies to the development of life skills. To nurture a particular ability, you need first to identify it. Identifying the Read more

Why are Students of boarding schools more successful

Why are Students of boarding schools more successful

Experience in a boarding school is worthy enough for the challenges; your child has to face in the future. It prepares her for being self-independent and well-equipped with knowledge while pursuing higher studies. Faster and Read more


Benefits Of The Globally Recognised Educational Programs

One thing that many parents and guardians fail to recognize is that the educational program that an institute adopts significantly affects the quality of education and influence it delivers. In the contemporary times of globalization, Read more

Why self defense tactics should be a part of educational curriculum

Individual well being and security are one of the important essential human needs, and this is so Sin light of the fact that an individual can see just ascent to his/her maximum capacity when he/she Read more


Tips to developing leadership qualities in our children

The greater part of us frequently neglects to understand the impact that we, as teachers and guardians have on our students. Do we show them genuine qualities and characteristics that would stay with them forever? Read more

Gender-neutral-parenting -tips-and-a school's-role-in-it

Gender neutral parenting tips and a school’s role in it

Gender assumes a significant place in deciding a few social measurements. In our general public and over the world, sex significantly has a double framework that records for male gender and female sex while there Read more


How to Teach emotional intelligence in boarding school

Feelings are the most conclusive piece of a human mind’s working. Without legitimate enthusiastic synchronization of the emotions and their conduct can’t grow properly. In any case, regardless of how significant this self-control may be, Read more