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Ecole Globale’s Alumni Success Stories Empowering Students

Ecole Globale a top among all girls boarding Schools in Dehradun has a long-standing reputation for fostering leadership qualities in its students, equipping them with the skills necessary to excel in various fields worldwide.

This article celebrates Ecole Globale’s alumni success stories who have emerged as influential leaders, showcasing the impact of our educational philosophy and their extraordinary journeys.


The Foundation of Leadership at Ecole Globale

The Foundation of Leadership at Ecole Globale

Cultivating Core Values

From the first day at Ecole Globale, students are immersed in an environment that promotes the core values of integrity, empathy, and perseverance.

These principles are woven into every aspect of our curriculum and extracurricular activities, forming the bedrock upon which our students build their careers and lead with confidence.

Encouraging Initiative and Innovation

We encourage our students to take initiative, whether in academic projects, community service, or student-led clubs. This empowerment fosters an entrepreneurial spirit and a can-do attitude, essential traits for any leader.


Alumni Success Stories

Alumni Success Stories

  • Global Influencers in Business and Entrepreneurship

Many of our alumnae have gone on to forge significant paths in business and entrepreneurship. For example, Priya Singh, a 2010 graduate, now runs a successful tech startup in Silicon Valley.

Her company, which began as a college project, has revolutionized data security protocols and showcases how Ecole Globale’s emphasis on STEM education can lead to groundbreaking contributions in technology.

  • Leaders in Social Change and Non-Profits

Our commitment to social responsibility has inspired graduates like Ayesha Chaudhary to lead non-profit organizations making substantial impacts worldwide.

Ayesha currently heads an international NGO focused on education and gender equality in Southeast Asia, using skills gained at Ecole Globale to advocate for and implement change.

  • Pioneers in Science and Technology

Alumni like Dr. Meera Nair, who was always fascinated by the life sciences during her time at Ecole Globale, have made significant strides in the field of biotechnology. Dr. Nair’s research has led to advancements in personalized medicine, demonstrating the global impact of our rigorous science programs.

  • Accomplished Artists and Creative Minds

Ecole Globale’s vibrant arts program has nurtured creative talents who have taken the global arts scene by storm. An example is Leela Desai, a graduate who has become a celebrated name in contemporary visual arts. Her exhibitions across Europe and Asia reflect the cultural appreciation instilled during her school years.

  • Advocates for Sustainability and Environmental Stewardship

Reflecting our commitment to sustainability, alumna Sunita Rao leads a clean energy initiative in Scandinavia. Her work in promoting sustainable energy solutions aligns with the environmental consciousness fostered at our school.


Developing Leadership Skills for Tomorrow

Developing Leadership Skills for Tomorrow

Ongoing Leadership Training

The leadership journey doesn’t end at graduation. We offer ongoing training and support through our alumni network, providing workshops, seminars, and mentorship opportunities that allow our graduates to continue developing their leadership skills well into their careers.

Networking Opportunities

Regular networking events connect our alumni with potential mentors, peers, and industry leaders, facilitating a supportive environment that fosters career and personal development.


Community Impact and Engagement

Community Impact and Engagement

Local and Global Outreach

Our alumni engage in various outreach programs, applying their leadership skills to benefit both local and global communities. These activities not only demonstrate their commitment to societal improvement but also strengthen the network of Ecole Globale leaders worldwide.

Sustainable Leadership Practices

By promoting sustainable practices in their respective fields, our alumni contribute to a more responsible and ethical global community. This commitment to sustainability is a testament to the values instilled during their education at Ecole Globale.



The success stories of Ecole Globale alumni are a powerful testament to the effectiveness of our educational approach, which combines rigorous academics with a strong emphasis on personal development and leadership training.

Our alumni are not just leaders in their fields; they are changemakers who continue to inspire current and future students at Ecole Globale.

Their achievements underscore our mission to empower young women to lead with courage, creativity, and integrity, making a positive impact on the world stage.


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