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Does education really matter to one’s success?

Some people ask me if education is important to one’s success. I usually laugh after hearing this because they are assuming that I went to college and guess what, they’re right! But I didn’t finish my degree. College is expensive and not everyone can afford to do so.

Besides, is there importance of higher education in 21st century? . That’s a question that oftentimes comes to mind, given the fact that you often see people who are uber-successful in life turn out not to be college graduates. It’s not always the degree that matters, so does education really matter and why?

Does education really matter when it comes to your success? As the liberal arts student in my family, I was often told by my family to focus on my grades and get a good education. However, as I entered college — with a lot of help from my computer teacher — I realized that grades and education wouldn’t mean anything if I didn’t leverage myself in the professional world.

As per survey conducted by schools in Dehradun, Academic success is essential to succeeding when it comes to career building, but work experience is just as important — if not more — for you to stand out from the crowd in this increasingly competitive job market.

Are smart people more successful? After navigating through academia and racing to reach the finish line, where does that leave people in terms of success? Why books are the consisdered most important tool for knowledge and education?

Do your grades matter beyond the minimum threshold to get into college, and if so, to what extent?

Does it matter more to be a fast learner and have a high GPA, or is it more important to absorb knowledge on your own? Does getting into a prestigious university help you in your future career path thinking back to our SAT scores for example?

There is a belief held by many people that one can go to college and get a degree in almost any field and be successful. They believe that possessing a degree is the key to success. However, this is incorrect.

Today, many young people go to college and graduate with degrees in majors like history or sociology. After graduation, they have difficulty finding work in their fields of study. In fact, a significant number of college graduates are unemployed or underemployed. College students need to take majors that will help them find jobs after graduation.

College students should major in subjects that will guarantee them jobs once they graduate. It is important for students to take courses that will help them land jobs when they finish school because it is important for students to be able to pay back student loans and support themselves after graduation.

Many students graduate with degrees in majors that do not prepare them for the workforce but instead prepare them for more education. However, if these students cannot continue their education because they cannot afford it, then they will struggle to find work in their desired fields.

The question of whether education is important or not has been asked for a long time; and maybe, will be asked for a long time to come. However, it is quite clear that the answer to this question is yes.

However, in the current world education is much needed. This is because many jobs require some form of education. Good examples are those that are related to science and technology. The kinds of jobs such as doctors and engineers will only be gotten when one has gone through the necessary training to be able to do them.

It is also important to get an education so as to get knowledge on how to do different things in life. This can include learning how to cook food, how to build houses, and how to take care of babies among other things. This ensures that one can take care of themselves even without having any help from other people.

It should also be noted that there are different types of education. There are those which are formal while others are informal. Formal educations are which are gotten while attending school while informal education is gained during the course of life from different experiences that one goes through in their lifetime.

While there are certainly some industries where it’s hard to get started without a degree, there have been many people who I’ve worked with who have done just fine without one. College is great if you’re interested in learning about something specific, such as science or art or history, but it’s not a requirement for success.

In conclusion, while some people may argue that all degrees are equal, I believe that degrees in certain fields are more valuable than others because they provide more opportunities for employment after graduation.

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