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Education: The Best Way To Spread The Message Of Women Empowerment

Education has been perceived as a necessary agent of social change, improvement, and development in any society and any country. Additionally, education considered as a powerful instrument through which processes social change and modernization come into existence. Education leads to women empowerment as it helps them to respond the social challenges and change their life. Therefore, we can’t avoid the significance of education in reference to women empowerment in India.

In 1985, the idea of  Women  Empowerment was introduced at the International conference at Nairobi. If India wants to become a  superpower country, then it will only possible if we provide proper education and social status to the woman. India will be more powerful when a woman become empowered. According to census 2011, the female literacy rate in India is 65.46%. Education is the best way to spread the message of women empowerment. No matter how vast or rich a country is, no goals will be achieved without effective education of their citizen. Education educates a woman and helps her to realize herself that she is a vital part of our society as well.

Through education, women will enjoy occupational achievement. Guidance and Counseling provided through education which helps them in their self-  awareness, choice of their job and career. Education can be provided through both formal and non-formal mode of education. Education will help women to empowerment through the knowledge of technology and science to face the challenges of today’s technological age. Education not only educates a woman but also let her take decisions and accept responsibilities at her home as well as the outer world for their empowerment.

1. Self-Confidence

Education helps women in gaining knowledge and enables her to earn a living.

2. Family Welfare

An educated woman plays a key role in a family, dealing with financial support and Healthcare to the family.

3. Involvement In Social And Political Activities

Education helps women to have a better understanding of social and political processes and makes her a wise citizen with effective political and social action.

4. Necessity Of Life

We know money is a necessity in maintaining life and education helps them in preserving life.

5. Complete Living

It includes being physically strong,  being a responsible parent, earning a living and an earnest citizen.

Education helps a girl to understand her rights in the society of this nation. Shelter, Food, Health, and Education are the fundamental need which a woman can ask for if she is educated and know her rights.

Impact Of Boarding Schools On Girls’ Learning And Empowerment

The impact of residential schools on girls’ learning and empowerment is huge. These schools can reduce girls’ work burden and let them study more. Apart from, residential institutions can help girls form stronger relationships with teachers and other staffs, which can build self-confidence and commitment to study. They can help allay parents’ concerns regarding long journeys to school and vulnerability to violence en route, especially for girls from poor and rural families. Apart from this, having a female teacher increases girls’ school attendance, learning, and retention.

Education helps a woman to know and responds to challenges change their life and raise their voice of exploitation, early marriage, and dowry. Women empowerment now becoming an international issue and women are becoming educated through the Formal and Non-Formal mode of education. If we see the best residential schools for girls are available in limited cities like Dehradun, Delhi, Mumbai, etc.

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