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Best Education Podcast in 2021
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  • Post published:Feb 28, 2021
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Best Education Podcast in 2021

Students are filled with curiosity to learn new things and with the help of advanced technology they are blessed with so many new ways by which they can grow their knowledge like students can learn from videos, images, classroom, books, online courses, Wikipedia or Google and many more but this new medium which is Podcast has grabbed everybody’s attention and its popularity is growing at a rapid pace. 

Podcasts are digital audio files that the listener can listen to or download from their mobile usually they are made to provide a new way of entertainment and sharing valuable experiences but due to its awareness people are started to use it as a medium to provide education and talk and share about the valuable learning and their experience so that students can gain from their knowledge and it helps them succeed in life. Many schools like the girls boarding school in Dehradun insist it’s students listen to educational podcasts so that they can be provided with additional real-world knowledge which can help them learn and understand things that they are unaware of.

Here are some of the best Podcasts of 2021 it is a mix of both western and Indian podcasts which are as follow : 

  1. StarTalk Radio – This is one of my favourite podcasts in which Astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson talks about the Universe in a very engaging and fascinating way.  Forget Students but a lot of us don’t know a lot about the universe, how big it is, how it works, what is up there in space? These are some questions we all have but unable to understand as it was talked about in a scientific term which we are unable to grasp but Dr Neil deGrasse Tyson talk about space in a very easy and captivating manner which listener finds valuable and the best part of his podcast is he invite lots of famous celebrities in their show who are a novice like you and me when it comes to science and space so listener finds it pretty relatable and it’s funny at the same time. Students can learn many things which they are unaware of and they can gain valuable knowledge by listening to this podcast. 
  2. Money Talks – This Podcast is started by Nancy and Ryder are both Chartered Financial Analysts and their aim is to provide knowledge on personal finance as it is less talked about in our educational institutions and people have difficulties managing their money so they develop a podcast where they discuss and help listeners to provide valuable knowledge related to money like Taxes, where to Invest in Stock Market, How to grow your saving. Listeners found this information valuable because it is highly relatable and beneficial as people learn the value of money and how it should be used in a manner that benefits the people. 
  3. Sandeep Maheshwari Podcast – It is also one of the most popular podcast as it provides motivation and life lesson to its listeners and the main audience who listen to this podcasts are students as they constantly focused on the study but sometimes they can lose focus due to numerous reason and that affect their studies, a career as well as their health so Sandeep provides an easy guide to overcome obstacles to make them achieve all their goal and become successful in life.
  4. English to live – This podcast is highly recommended as it is very useful for students and anyone who has difficulty in learning English as due to Globalisation English has become a universal language so one must know how to read, write and speak English fluently This podcast was started by Niloofar Zakir who teach people how to read, write and speak in English in a very easy and engaging way and gives advice on how to improve the level of your English. Listeners who are in schools and colleges are most benefited by this podcast
  5. Stuff you don’t know – It is a podcast started by Josh and Chuck where they talk about a bunch of things you don’t know about. It is for the listener who doesn’t know exactly what to learn but wants to learn something at the same time. They talk about topics in which they talk about the things which most people ignore as that knowledge is not beneficial for them but it’s important like they talk about how the internet works, how credit cards work, and how lizards can walk on walls. They provide valuable knowledge in a fun engaging manner and people should listen to it to get broaden their knowledge.

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