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5 K-12 Edtech Prediction for 2021

5 K-12 Edtech Prediction for 2021

K-12 Educational Technology was growing at a normal pace but something unusual happened in 2020 that gave the K-12 Edtech a boost that made the demand of Edtech skyrocketed. In 2020  which is considered as one of the worst year of human history when World was hit by the Coronavirus and literally everything got stopped like there was no schools , no offices and no markets people were forced to stay home and do their work, study or even their shopping from home lots of business suffered by the Covid lockdown but the only sector that saw a  major boom was the K-12 EdTech as education was necessary which led to increase in dependency on technology that’s why teacher of various schools like boarding schools in Dehradun started using Ed-Tech to teach K-12 students and the result have been phenomenal as there was no classroom based learning everything was happening online  , teaching , exam , homework, attendance, fees and etc. 


K-12 Edtech growth

The Coronavirus effect has started to come down after the coronavirus vaccine so the world has started to come out and almost everything is open apart from educational institutions by which we can assume that just like last year this year also looks like the Edtech sector will grow rapidly.

Here are 5 predictions for K-12 Edtech for 2021 :

  1. Balance between online learning and Classroom-based learning– As now the virus effect has been reduced so now more schools and colleges have started to open which means they will now be able to provide classroom based learning so the Teachers have to make a balance between online and offline teaching because both have their own merits. Where teacher can focus and connect with every student better in classroom based learning where they don’t have to depend on the internet but on the other hand online teaching is pretty convenient and more engaging and interactive so teachers will definitely use that technology in the classroom based learning to give students the best of both worlds. 
  2. Education institutions will adopt Distance Learning – Distance learning was not considered valuable before Covid pandemic and many think of it as a waste of time and money but things have quite changed after 2020 where every single school in the world had to depend on Distance learning to provide education to students as school and colleges were closed . Now the world knows and understands the value of Distance Learning and it looks like schools and colleges will adopt this Way of teaching so that it can provide education to anybody anywhere. So distance education will thrive in 2021. 
  3. Gamification of Learning–  Teachers are using new ways to teach students like teachers use various K-12 Ed-tech like apps , Augmented reality games to help student learn with the help of gaming as children learn games so when teacher used the game to make student learn in a unique and a better way and teacher found that students are not only engaging with the information better but they are grasping the knowledge faster so gamification of learning will definitely be in use in 2021 as it has become a crucial part of learning and students are fond of this way of teaching. 
  4. Project Based Learning– This was considered as the most valuable teaching method for students where teachers assign them projects for instance they make them understand a problem and ask students to develop apps that solve that problem  but they have to do that on their own without teachers’ help. Students use their own knowledge and imagination to develop the app. This type of learning helps students to be as creative as they can . It boosts imagination and develops problem solving skills which are and will be the most important skills required in 2021 .
    Project Based Learning
  5. Real world Skill Development– Schools and colleges are not only focused on the learning of students but they also want to create the next thought leaders of the world by developing skills which are required in the real world early in their schooling. Teachers have used various Educational Technology which has helped students to create those skills like with the help of technology students can create their imagination by AR technology or can develop apps , websites. So with the help of Technology students are able to develop the most important skills so this will definitely be used in K-12 Edtech in 2021. 

Teachers and students should make the most out of these useful Educational technologies as it is there to simplify and enhance the learning experience so in my view 2021 will be the year where K-12 Ed-Tech will see substantial Growth.

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