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How to use Google classroom and other educational software for better results

The world is changing rapidly, and development is seen in every area related to life. All these changes are possible due to advancements in science and technology. During these days most engineers and researchers are focusing on developing and creating new technical ideas in the field of education, which can help students to learn things and topics of all subjects in a well manner and ineffective way. As technology increases, many achievements are also seen in students as they use various technical apps and software. These software and apps make the learning process easier and help students for gaining an education in a very simple manner.

A few of these educational software are mentioned below.

1- Google Classroom: Google Classroom is a free service provided by google for students which simplify their work and assignments without using paper. This service was launched publicly in 2014. The main prospective of google classroom is the unresistant process of sharing files and assignments between students and teachers. Google Classroom combines Google Drive, Google Docs, Sheets and Slides, Gmail and Google Calendar to help educational institutions for the paperless system. In this, students can be invited to the classroom by private codes or automatically generated codes by institution database. Each class of google classroom creates a separate folder in the user’s google drive, where work is submitted by students and checked by teachers. Google Docs, Sheets, and slides can be used for writing purposes. Google calendar is used for scheduling classes and assignments dues. Google Classroom has various benefits.

  • Google Classroom can be assessed via any computer or mobile device with google chrome from anywhere.
  • Google Classroom is a paperless system, hence saves paper.
  • Google Classroom provides exposure to students for the online learning system. 
  • Google Classroom is a time saver as it can be operated from anywhere.

2-Matlab: Matlab is software made especially for the calculations related to mathematics and statistics. Using software like Matlab requires additional skills of coding, whose basic examples are provided in the help file of the software. The user here is assumed as a person with good knowledge of basics like trigonometry, algebra, geometry, differentiation, limits, and integration, etc.; however, the software is well capable of performing large calculations, but still, it is a software, not a human brain. Matlab is beneficial in education in the following ways.

  • This can be used in plotting the graphs for various engineering problems.
  • This can be used in solving large equations related to space science.
  • Matlab is used for modelling of various atomic structures.
  • Matlab is used to design various systems through equations for medical purposes.

3-Minitab: Minitab is software for statistics, or it is a statistical package software designed for interactive use. We can do a lot of data analysis using excel, but Minitab is far ahead than excel. Minitab gives us a lot of readymade things, but in excel, we have to put in formulas, so this software makes many things easier in statistics and data analyzing. There many reasons why more students like to learn statistics with Minitab like

  • Minitab is designed for learning. 
  • Minitab is affordable for students and schools.
  • Minitab is Comprehensive.
  • Minitab is a real-world tool that helps students in finding jobs.

4-GeoGebra: GeoGebra is an application that provides interactive algebra, geometry, and statistics. This is made for learning and teaching mathematics and science from basic to a higher level. It can be used with computers, laptops or phones. In this constructions can be made by using points, vectors, coordinates, polygons, conic sections, inequalities, etc. All of the themes can be changed according to the requirement. There are several benefits of GeoGebra like

  • It is easy for students to algebra, geometry with this software.
  • It is easily accessible. 
  • It contains many ready-made things that help a student in the learning process.
  • It is much comprehensive than any other software.

5-Yousician: Yousician is an interactive music service which is used to learn and play a musical instrument. Many instruments are supported by this software like guitar, piano, ukulele, bass, and voice. This software is available on iOS, Android, and Windows platforms. In this software, users can play there real musical instruments, and this provides them with instant feedback and guidance for playing their musical instruments in the right way. This software used audio signal processing technology that can recognize notes and chords played by users on their instruments. It also provides exercises and syllabus for every instrument supported in this software, which helps a lot in learning these musical instruments. Several benefits of this software are as mentioned below

  • This software is convenient to use and can also be used to spend leisure time.
  • This software has both free and paid services.
  • This software creates an easy way to learn musical instruments without any tutor.
  • The software also provides various exercises for practicing musical instruments.

All the research for this article is done by Ecole Globale International School.

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