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Schools Reopening_ These states will resume normal classes in schools from February 2021
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  • Post published:Feb 12, 2021
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Schools Reopening: These states will resume normal classes in schools from February 2021

It’s almost a year since the school shutdown but now schools are all ready to re-open from February 2021 in most major states with the Covid safety protocols. Schools reopening takes place in these major states and for this most of the boarding schools in India follow Covid safety protocol. 

It’s been almost a year since the coronavirus outbreak spread across the world forcing nearly everything to close down some of were one of the essential and nobody thought they would ever see a day where schools, colleges, entertainment shows, events will all be shut down together for an indefinite period of time. 

Schools were being forced by Covid to adopt online-based learning and it’s been almost a year since students are able to study via online learning and students are not able to study properly as there is a lack of digital education infrastructure so both students and teachers were looking forward to reopening of schools so that they can resume classroom-based learning.

Some states have already started high schools  classes since January but now as the Covid 19 outbreak has slowed down  and everything is coming back to normal so now  more Governments of every state are coming forward to resume classroom-based learning for both high schools as well as primary schools 

Schools have to follow strict  Covid safety guidelines in order to protect students from virus effects and the protocols include wearing a face mask, use of hand sanitizer, and maintaining social distancing by not allowing overcrowding at one place. 

Here are some major states that are now resuming offline classes :

Here are some major states that are now resuming offline classes :

Uttarakhand – Due to the board exam classes X and XII resumed early in January and now Classes of 6 to 11 have started resuming from 8th February 2021 whereas primary schools will still be closed. Schools in Dehradun take special measures for Covid safety in their schools.

 Punjab – As schools were already open for students of class 5 – 12 from 7 January but after the approval of the state government private as well as Govt. Schools are ready to open classroom-based learning for the primary and pre-primary classes from February 1, 2021. 

Himachal Pradesh – Schools in Himachal Pradesh both Government and Private schools are all set to open the full-day classes of 8 -12 from 1 Feb and schools in hilly areas will be open from 15 February due to the extension of winter vacation.

Gujrat – The Government of Gujarat have ordered to open schools for class 9 and 11 from February 1 and one important detail issued by the government is that the class will be held only three times a week with only 15 students per class will be allowed. 

Haryana – State Government issued a statement mentioning of repointing of class 6 to 8 from February but the reopening decision for the primary school classes from 1 to 5 has not been made yet and will be considered later. 

Uttar Pradesh – The government of UP has decided to open school classes from 6 to 8 from 10 February and also ordered residential schools classes from 9-12  will reopen on 9 Feb 2021.

Karnataka – The government of Karnataka stated that they will reopen the schools in mainly southern states for students of classes 9,10 and pre-university for in-class teaching from  1 February 2021. 

Odisha – As the classes for board exam students have already been started from January now Government has stated to reopen classes 9 and 11 from February 2021.

Jammu and Kashmir- The government of Jammu and Kashmir has announced they will also be resuming classroom-based learning from 1 Feb for classes of 10-12 in the summer zone of the states whereas for the winter zone the classes will begin from 15 February.

Maharashtra –  Pune Municipal Corporation issued a statement that the classes from 5-8 will start from February whereas the students of class 5-8 in the Thane district have already been resumed since 27 January 2021

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