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You are currently viewing Uttarakhand schools reopening  from Feb 2021 for class 6 onwards
Uttarakhand schools reopening from Feb 2021 for class 6 onwards
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Uttarakhand schools reopening from Feb 2021 for class 6 onwards

After a discussion in the Government’s cabinet state meeting with the consent of school authorities, it has been decided that the school will reopen for classes 6 onwards on 8 of February 2021 in Uttarakhand with Covid 19 safety protocols. Schools in Dehradun take special measures for Covid safety in their schools so that students remain safe.

It’s been almost a year since a deadly coronavirus outbreak spread across the globe forcing the world to shut down in order to stop the virus from spreading not only affected people physically but mentally as due to the virus lots of companies run out of businesses, schools and colleges were closed which affected the education of students.

After almost 1 year the world is coming back to being normal as people are being vaccinated and the reduction of corona cases which give hopes to schools and colleges to reopen and start their classroom-based learning as exams are near main focus of schools is to open classes for the high school’s students first and then later if everything goes well then they would open classes for primary class students.

As it has already been said by the Government that the schools are most likely to open in the first week of February 2021 but a final decision was still yet to be made in the state cabinet meeting So, the state Minister Madan Kaushik inform that in the Cabinet state meeting all factors were considered and discussed with the school’s authorities and they came to a decision that Schools will reopen on the 8 th February 2021 and as it was pre-assumed classes will be open for only the students of class 6 to 9 and 11 whereas classroom-based learning is already in progress for the student of 10-12 board exams from January 2021 Moreover the primary schools will remain closed as of now.

Schools like girls boarding schools in Dehradun are all set to open classrooms for the students as well provide online classes for students so that they can provide both online and offline experience to students to provide quality education without compromising children safety.

Government-issued an order in which it is clearly stated following guidelines to be followed in schools :

Schools have to follow Covid guidelines strictly before schools reopening and only allow students in the school with face masks and they have to sanitize students before entering schools and this routine to be followed everyday Moreover there should be hand wash, sanitizer, Thermal scanning available in the school and if any students feel unwell will be given treatment send home immediately.

Nodal officers will be appointed in every school and will look after maintaining social distancing in schools and if any Covid cases occur it will be their duty to inform the state Government.
No school assembly to be held in order to maintain social distancing and lower the chance of virus spreading. Online Classes will keep on running and the students who don’t have the infrastructure for online education will be given the first priority for offline classes. Students have the option of both online and offline teaching and it’s up to them and their parents to choose whichever way of learning suits them.

Students will only be allowed in schools to attend offline classes when their parents give written permission to schools. As the virus still exists so schools will not be taking any risks with students and give the choice in hands of parents whether they allow students to come to schools or continue with online learning.

The Government wants Schools reopening to have a flexible approach on student attendance and not force students to come to schools as attendance will not be an important factor while reviewing the performance of Students.

If the number of students increases in the classroom Schools can arrange offline learning in two shifts in order to divide the number of students into two shifts so that they can maintain social distance.

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