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Boosting Students Engagement Through Project-Based Learning

Boosting Students Engagement Through Project-Based Learning

Education plays a vital role for one’s career, income or skill development that’s why Parents send their children to best schools, best colleges  so that they can  learn at the highest level and become successful in life but most  parents left disappointed when  their children doesn’t able to find a decent job because employer didn’t find any key skills or project based learning in the student which they were looking for at the time of hiring. Who is exactly responsible for this yes the institution are really to blame here because they are still teaching the student in a classroom based learning which doesn’t allow students to get a real world knowledge so when they passed out they start to realize real world is completely different that they have in Educational institutions it makes them hard to adjust to real world as they  have Communication problem , no critical thinking, no creativity. 

Educational Institutions are well aware of this issue but doesn’t have model to change it until now some schools like Boarding school of India and specially the girls boarding school in Dehradun have started a Project-Based learning which is a modern teaching method in which teacher gives real world projects  to students like building an app , create a playground, write a course book and etc  This type of learning is very engaging and give student the sense of real world at a young age which help them develop communication skills , critical thinking, creativity, Team work. 


Project -Based Learning ideas to boost student engagement 

  • Build an app – As  learning coding has become important for children in schools so teachers can assign them a problem and let them create an app that solves that problem  by themselves it lets students become as creative as they can and use logical and critical thinking to design an app. 
  • Learn about your future – Teachers can give students a project in which they let students choose which career they are most interested in and let them do a complete research around it finding out it’s requirement it’s  future will help students with the future insights of their dream career which later they can pursue .
  • Create a Book – Teachers can give a project to students where they have to create a book and all its lessons they have to do the research on their own teacher will guide them where to find information but it’s up to students what to include in the book as they are the creator of it .

Benefits of Project Based learning 

Benefits of project based learning


There are so many advantage of Project based learning which are as follow : 

  1. Enhance Engagement – Project Based Learning is not the traditional type of teaching which is classroom based but it focuses on providing real life experience and students tend to find this way of teaching pretty engaging as they learn how the real world exactly works. This give student an outer world exposure and they get engaged with it deeply as they know they are learning and doing something valuable.


  1. Improve Critical Thinking – when a student does a project by himself and uses all his learning and understanding to solve a problem by breaking it down in small parts and implementing logical reasoning to solve a problem with step by step process it improves the critical thinking  as well as problem solving skills in students at a very young age.


  1. Better Knowledge retention – A student who does a project based learning tends to perform way better in subjects than the students with a traditional way of learning as students grasp the knowledge better when they use the information practically in a project.


  1. Team work – when students does a project in groups they need to work in a team where roles are divided and each team member has to do their part of project efficiently so this help students to learn valuable skills which is going to help them in future as team work is a must have skills.


  1. Transferable skills – when students move from classroom-based learning to project based learning it shows that students have the ability to adjust themselves and to transfer their  knowledge in the new practical environment.


Project based learning is not just a new learning method, it’s the need of an hour and more educational institutions should try to use it in their institute as this gives the practical real world experience to the students and when they pass out they feel confident and be better prepared for the real world.

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