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You are currently viewing Exiting AR apps for students Learning in 2021
Exiting AR apps for students Learning
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  • Post published:Feb 10, 2021
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Exiting AR apps for students Learning in 2021

Educational sector keeps on evolving due to advancement of Technology, also the method of teaching has changed a lot of what it used to 4-5 years back where learning was only based on classroom which was not interactive nor engaging but now method of teaching has  improved a lot as many new techniques like AR apps which is used by various schools like boarding school in India to make the students learning process more interactive and more engaging. There are various techniques or tools used by the Schools which  helps students to learn smartly and effectively using the AR technology This is by far the best technology that helps students in learning and understanding the concept faster through AR experience and seeing the material in 3d model with advanced digital information.

So what is AR ( Augment Reality ) 

Augment Reality i.e AR apps simply mean seeing the real world on mobile or pads additional with digital information as it is the perfect blend of real world mix with digital world for example Pokemon Go where you have to capture  animated pokemon hidden near you but you can only see them through your mobile screen as they can be  seen in  3d model from all angle in real life  once you find them on screen you can capture it. 

Why should AR apps be used it learning

                                                                              Why should AR apps be used it learning


AR is so engaging and interactive if it used right it  will enhance the learning experience of the students it helps teachers to teach important lesson with the help of AR and students will able to absorb information quickly and it will deepen their knowledge . It is also helpful for Teachers  as they can create their own lesson using AR apps. 

AR apps that helps in Student learning 

AR apps
  • CoSpaces Edu : This apps is considered one of the beat content creation apps  which let students to create their own 3d  object and can easily animate them using codes . They can also view their creation via both AR and VR mode. Most unique thing about this app is that they let students project their virtual creation onto any surface in the real world and students can even hold their virtual creation in their hands using a Merge Cube. 
    1. AR Makr : AR Makr is the creative toolbox for augmented reality. With the help of this  app, students can  easily sketch, scan, and  even snap the environment around them that allow students to transform their virtual creations from  simply 2D to 3D virtual objects. When students create  a 3D AR object, and place their creations anywhere in your environment. Students also can record, save, and share their virtual creatives scenes with their teacher.
    2. Metaverse : This Metaverse app helps  students play mobile games in 3D augmented reality. This lets students play virtual  games using AR technology and when they use their own creation in a game like  it has location-based experiences, students can make puzzles, choose their  adventure and continue with the best personal AR gaming experience . With the help of  Metaverse studio, Teachers can create their own interactive stories and breakout games for the students which help them learn in a more advanced way.
    3. Wonderscope : Wonderscope is award winning app for kids it make your ordinary stories come into life using the Augmented Reality. By using this app students can be a part of the story where they can talk with the characters of the story and even help them along the way. This app  made for kids who can’t engage with the ordinary stories so by using it kids become a important part of the story this help in learning as well as make the stories engaging and interactive.
  • Elements 4D : This app let students know and understand the science and  especially chemistry as where students can combine different elements to see chemistry is real action The best part of this app is that it comes with a lesson plan for teachers as to what to teach to elementary , middle and high school students using the Elements 4D 
  1. Math Alive : As the name suggest Math Alive help small kids to learn the mathematics concept in a more interactive and playful manner using Augmented Reality and kids can see Maths come to life and which help them understand the concept better than the normal classroom.

When school decides and ready to bring the Augmented Reality to the classroom they should always make learning their first priority and use AR apps in such a way that students get a valuable lesson which help them perform better in their education.

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