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Teaching stranger safety to children in school

‘Stranger Danger’ is something that consistently brings worry for the parents just as the children. We comprehend that as parents; you generally wish to keep your children safe and secure. Nonetheless, we likewise realize that it isn’t attainable to shadow them all the time. Subsequently, it is imperative that we take a few measures to enable the children to help themselves at whatever point any unfortunate circumstance emerges.

We, at the Ecole Globale International boarding School for Girls, accept that with regards to the security of dear children, we, the parents and the teachers and as the mindful grown-ups, should hold hands to guarantee that the children are safe and secure consistently, be it at school or in their social environment. We, the educators at Ecole Globale International School, might want to ask the parents to hold hands with us in getting the children aware about ‘Stranger Danger.’ Here are some of the compelling Safety Guidelines that we would demand the parents to talk about with the children during their personal time, which will help them in the occasions if and when they get encompassed with outsiders or strangers.

  • Trust your Instincts:

We ought to urge children to utilize their own senses. If they understand that a specific individual is making them awkward, they ought to promptly move away from that individual. They might possibly not be right about that individual, yet it is completely fine for them to leave. You ought to try and guarantee them that they don’t owe any clarification in such conditions with the goal that they remain safe while making a move.

  • Reaction to Uncomfortable Situations:

Kids should know the sort of reaction they should give when they believe they are at serious risk. This can be educated to them utilizing four little words: No, Go, Yell, Tell. This suggests they can leave the awkward circumstance by first disapproving of the situation, then run away from the spot, and further yell out about the possible danger. Finally, they should share information about the episode at the earliest with the parents or even with the teacher they trust the most.

  • Making Safety Rules with Them:

It is basic to have a conversation with children and make them mindful of the danger that outsiders may force upon, particularly when they are not with known people around. When we include them in setting these guidelines, it turns out to be a lot simpler for them to comprehend the risk and furthermore watch the principles in any event, during danger — locking the gates when alone is a must. So, they ought to never declare who all are there at home on a call if they are unable to distinguish people outside or on the call.

  • Distinguishing Suspicious Behavior:

The child might be uninformed to what suspicious conduct resembles. We have to help kids in getting comfortable with the attributes that may appear in any suspicious person. It is uncalled for not to discuss it to the kid expecting that nothing of the sort will happen to your kid. The talk is crucial.

  • Watching the 3Ws When Going Alone:

As the children grow up, they’ll begin moving out of home alone. You can prepare them in watching the 3W’s which would help them in identifying the ‘Stranger Danger’. These three ‘Ws’ are: going with ‘Whom’; ‘Where’ is he going; and by ‘When’ will he return. In addition, urge them that they should keep you informed all the time and about the changed plans or arrangements.

  • Sharing Experiences:

We have regularly observed that most parents attempt to keep children excessively verified and isolated. Kids need the opportunity and space to make their own encounters. For satisfying this reason, it is significant that parents hold back the feelings of dread with the goal that it doesn’t harm the imagination and interest of the children. A superior way out is to impart to them valiantly, motivating occurrences that help them in tapping their impulses and innovativeness in dealing with a dilemma.

  • Contact Police:

Children should know how they can call the police for crisis help and what all data they should tell on that call. This will keep them intellectually prepared about what all information they have to share about their whereabouts with the police, similar to where they are, what they are wearing, and how that outsider appears to them. This likewise implies in the event that they get somebody’s cellphone to dial ‘100’ for crisis police help, they are sharing the subtleties all the while with the individual and police’s time to act upon the given situation.

Children have a characteristic propensity, to be honest, and trust the grown-ups. This is the reason, we, at Ecole Globale, an International CBSE boarding School, weight on making wellbeing rules. By making kids mindful of the dangers related to more abnormal cooperations, it will slowly make them sufficiently able to manage the real unforgiving factors of life and turn out well.

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