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  • Post published:Feb 25, 2020
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Boarding school expenses and facilities

Schooling practices exists in several forms. One can choose from a private, public, convent, single-sex, co-ed etc. style of education. Among all of these, one method of schooling presides that rest, and that is boarding school. Boarding schools dominate the learning and educational scenario in various sectors. The students who are involved in a residential school are more efficient in a variety of tasks compared to the students of a regular day-school.

Residential schooling practices have been followed from ancient times when education was not such a standard part of the community. Only the elite section of the society could afford an education for their children which was offered through boarding practices. Not as many schools existed and in order to learn and gain knowledge, one had to leave their parental residences.

Boarding schools have proved their proficiency since the past ages, and hence it’s practice is prevalent in modern society as well. Here are a few advantages that a student receives in a boarding school:-

  • Students learn to be more responsible for their belongings and behaviour. Since the parents are not always available to look after a child’s need in a boarding school, students develop a more careful and watchful attitude.
  • Students learn to look after their needs. They become self-dependent, and no do feel the need to rely on others to fulfil their primary tasks.
  • Students become more productive as a schedule bounds them. They tend to complete all their tasks and also learn time management. Students are allotted fix time for their daily requirements, and any delay could impact them negatively. Hence they become more punctual.
  • Scholars learn several critical human virtues and develop a sense of gratitude and compassion. Since they have to do their necessary work on their own, they become respectful and more grateful towards the people who help them. At home, parents do every little task for their children, but in a residential school, no such help is available to the students.
  • Students also get better opportunities for enhancing their academic and overall personality skills. They can get the guidance of the faculties 24*7 and hence can clear their doubts in a better manner.

Several factors come into play when a boarding school is considered. Generally, the fees and expenses involved in a residential school are much higher compared to a regular school. But these expenses are justified keeping in view all the facilities that are provided in such schools. Here are a few amenities that are available in a boarding school:-

1) Housing and Hostel Facilities

Residential schools need to have proper accommodation facilities for a large number of students to live comfortably. These provisions are not required in a normal day-school. Such facilities require more investments. Hostels provided students with a room, bed, tables and chairs, almirah and cabinets, washrooms and a mess and canteen. An adequately designed mess menu is offered that caters to all the nutritional needs of the students. All these extra accommodations call for more expenses from the parent’s part.

2) 24*7 Security, Medical and Care Facilities

In-house, medical and security provisions are standard in boarding schools. Also, faculties such as wardens, care-takers etc. need to be employed to look after the needs of the students 24*7. Since a student is living in the absence of their parents, they need somebody else to look after them in case of emergencies or other basic needs. Especially young children who need to be continuously guided in numerous activities.

3) Extra-Curricular and Entertainment Facilities

Usually, boarding schools offer more extra-curricular activities to the students in their curriculum. These are practised as after-school activities by the students. Courts for badminton, Squash, tennis, basketball, gymnasium, theatre etc. are present in the boarding schools to help children spend their time exploring their interests in the most productive manner. Students can utilise them after school hours rather than wasting them on their computer screens as in homes.

4) Latest Technology in Classrooms

The classrooms in a boarding school are furnished with the latest technologies like electronic boards, presenters, speakers, computers etc. This is possible because the student-teacher ratio in a boarding school is optimum. As several students in each classroom are less, they can receive better facilities and also individual guidance from the teachers and the faculties. The study environment is more interactive, and hence, students learn better and understand the concepts in a better way.

All these amenities put the boarding schools are a higher league than the rest. The best boarding schools of any country attract the attention of numerous people. The competition level is also useful in such places. One can rest assured to gain the most effective training in a residential school. The fees are way above the typical schooling methodology but are justified in the numerous facilities and advantages that are offered.

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    The campus has a well-built hostel. The hostel has a robust infrastructure. It is equipped with all the facilities and amenities that ensure wellbeing and comfortable stay of students. MIT Vishwashanti Gurukul boasts of its best in class boarding facilities.

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