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  • Post published:Feb 13, 2020
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Life in an all girls Boarding School

The biological difference between a girl and a boy is very well established and is legitimate. Not only this difference indicates a distinction in their appearances but also proves the difference in their abilities. A girl and a boy have a distinct set of needs while growing up. They have unique mental abilities, emotions and physical capabilities. Therefore, they need a separate environment to grow and develop their skills.

A boarding school is a phenomenal institution to develop the essential life skills of an individual. They help in the all-round character enhancement of a child. Along with this, the best residential schools in India are also instrumental in developing the intellectual, spiritual, psychological and physical strengths of the students.

When it comes to boarding school, maintaining a place where both boys and girls are accommodated under a similar curriculum, can be messy. Girls and boys have different requirements and hence can only profit when they are enrolled in separate institutions, where they work with a similar gender. Especially in the case of girls, several concerns arise that need special attention. An all-girls boarding school is always beneficial in such a scenario, as it caters to all the necessary and imperative requirements of the girls.

Following are a few ways by which an all – girls boarding school stands out for the education and personality development of a girl.

  • No gender-based partiality

It is said to be man’s world, and maybe because, in male dominated society, a woman never gets a chance to prove their capabilities. Specific tasks are presented to a male, without even considering a female candidate. Such a male-bias mentality gets eliminated in an all-girls boarding school as there is no male present to dominate the task. Girls are to be considered for every type of work. Hence they experience more opportunities to prove their competence.

  • Differences in the learning capabilities

Boys and girls learn differently. Boys are said to have a more logical mind and girls have a very detailed oriented personality. Girls can remember and observe more things regarding a particular incident for a more extended period. Therefore, girls need to have a separate environment to nurture their learning skills. Single-sex schools recognize these differences, and hence they endorse a curriculum that justifies these distinctions.

  • Breaking the stereotypes

Girls and boys are stereotyped to be proficient in a particular type of subject. It is believed that girls do better in literature, language and social-studies related topics and boys are the masters in math and science. Such disparities get substantially eliminated in a single-sex school. In an all-girls school, as there are no boys present, girls get to prove their vigour in every field and obtain their knowledge in their greatest glory.

Girls who are from a single-sex school are more likely to major in a male-dominated subject like math, science, engineering, mechanics etc. The same thing also applies to sports. Girls get to try their hands on cricket, football and other “boy-games”. This increases representation and also provides empowerment.

  • Comfortable atmosphere

At the schooling age, the girls and boys are not so sympathetic towards each other. They are unable to establish a good rapport and less likely to help each other. Such a problem does not exist in an all-girls boarding school. Girls understand and support each other and feel comfortable in each other’s company. They are less likely to mock each other’s differences.

  • More able faculty

More qualified faculty is present in an all-girls boarding school, who understands the specific needs of a girl. These faculties are better at looking after the girl students providing them better guidance and support at various instances.

Major Takeaway

A girl can become the best version of herself in an all-girls boarding school. She becomes a better friend, daughter, partner and subsequently a better mother in the later stages of her life. In a single-sex school, a girl learns to embrace the beauty of womanhood and accept the differences that are present in the world. She becomes more self-aware with an improved self -esteem and confidence.

Many would say that an all-girls boarding school hampers a girls performance in a real-life scenario, but time and again, this theory has been proved wrong. A girl is always under the male influence in the form of a father, brother or friend. All-Girls boarding schools do not work on isolating the girl from the potent force, they only provide them with a more suitable curriculum with better growth tactics

With a feeling of empowerment and confidence, a girl develops to be a very high functioning and successful individual of the society, through her experience in an all-girls boarding school. In all the social situations, she can shine out as the epitome of a female personality with an impressive persona that catches everybody’s attention.

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