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  • Post published:Jan 30, 2020
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What is the Boarding school life

A boarding school is a home away from home. While it can be challenging to stay away from the family in an environment that is bounded by several restrictions, the residential regiment is the place to grow as a successful individual. best boarding School develops the entire personality of an individual, leading to a generation of well-established person. I got to have this experience in my senior secondary phase, and I must say that the things that I learned in these two years were life-changing. 

I saw enormous growth and change in my thinking capabilities, my perception of certain words and also my handling capacity in a specific scenario. For an individual, experiencing life in a boarding school is essential due to a multitude of reasons. Here I have summarized some of the most significant advantages of enrolling in a boarding school:-

  • Responsibility is enhanced 

One thing is for sure that in the early days you will dearly miss your family, especially your mother. In a boarding school, you will not have your mother to continually check on you and shower you with lots of love and care. Here you need to take care of the majority of your needs. Getting up in the morning, making your bed, getting dressed and arranging your utilities are some of the various tasks that we take for granted at home. 

A boarding school emphasizes the practice of taking care of your own basic needs and making you more self-reliant and efficient. The rules and regulations are followed, and a fixed time for every activity is allotted. You will learn to have your meals on time, get up early in the morning, look after your belongings and also maintain them in a more efficient manner. Overall you will become very responsible, which is a crucial aspect of a well-managed life.

  • All-round personality development

The residential schools in India require  that you to follow several rules and regulations, with a proper schedule, and this incorporates time management. Various activities are compulsory for students. Therefore the students can gain experience in every form of activities that are a part of a human’s life. At home, you might not give importance to several things such as painting, music classes, playing etc.. being busy playing games or watching TV. This factor is substantially eliminated in a residential school, as you are made to get involved in many activities. This helps the student discover new interests and talents.

The scholars of a boarding school possess a more extroverted and confident personality. They are better handlers of a particular situation as they have learned to manage without parental aids or advisory.

  • A positive attitude towards life

The friendships and relationships that you develop in a boarding school stay with you for life. A family away from home, consisting of people who are emotionally attached, providing love and support in the absence of that safe, homely ambiance.

Not always you will meet good people in life. Many might have shrewd intentions and may not like you. But this is the biggest lesson that you will learn in the boarding environment. You are prepared for the worst in life, and you also learn how to judge people.

The faculty and teachers also form a close bond with the students, proving them life lessons outside academics. The frankness level is not the same as in the family, and therefore you will learn about respect and gratitude. You feel humbler and get a newfound appreciation for the services provided to you by others.

Are there any cons of studying in a boarding school?

Like a coin, there are two faces of every situation. Although there are certain disadvantages that you may face in a prep school, they are of no comparison to the advantages that are offered. Here are some points that might bother you:-

  • You may face great difficulty in adjustments, especially in the starting phase.
  • A disconnect from the family may bother you a lot.
  • You might feel left out several times, and specific circumstances might become hard to handle, but then these situations can be seen as a great learning lesson for personal growth.
  • Meals provided may not always be as per your liking.
  • Falling sick and not having someone to look after you as a mother.

Even with the disadvantages as mentioned earlier, boarding schools are in every aspect better than a day-school. The experience and friends you gain here will be the best. For me, the two years of my life as a boarding school was the most exhilarating, and I highly recommend everyone to experience it. You will never regret this prestigious phase of your life, and also become a more accomplished and pledged citizen of the society.

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