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Impact of parental and school restrictions on children

Restriction word is perceived in a negative light for a majority of the cases. A human being possesses a congenital philia for liberation, and the idea of being in a selective environment is not something that pleases the mind. But, some boundaries still need to be implemented and especially in the case of children. At a delicate age, a person is prone to many negative impacts of life. Children do not have the advanced mental capabilities of interpretation and reasoning behind specific prospects of survival. Hence they need to be under the constant radar of the parents, teachers and other adults.

Restrictions on a child have both positive as well as negative impacts on their mental health. While some restrictions are necessary, going overboard with these can lead to many deteriorating effects. Another essential factor that should be regarded in constructing the limits should be the needs and requirements of the present generation. Many things have changed, and the expectations of the parents from their children also need to change. Here is a compilation of several advantages and disadvantages of the restrictions that are imposed on children by parents, society, and schools.


  • Restrictions train the students and the children to remain within their boundaries.
  • Restrictions also lead to more discipline and obedience among the children.
  • Certain restrictions protect the children from various negative and unnecessary influences of life, keeping them within a safe growth space.
  • These restrictions also help in building the mental awareness of the children.
  • Restrictions keep the children on their feet, and they don’t get strayed away towards unnecessary influences.


  • Too many restrictions can dramatically affect the mental health of the children leading to depression, stress, etc.
  • Children may develop a very repulsive attitude as these restrictions might affect their happiness.
  • Excessive restrictions may lead to a lack of exposure and children might miss out on several opportunities.

Hence, it can be concluded that the extremity, in either case, can languish the developmental aspects of the child. Middle-ground needs to be established that extracts the best of both claims and helps a child in the enhancement of their capabilities.


Some restrictions are necessary for building in the productive and proficient growth process of the child. Parents, Schools, and teachers need to analyze these restrictions and implement them most appropriately. Here are a few limitations that parents and educators must execute on the students:-

  • The restriction should be imposed on the screening of explicit content in any shape or form to the children. Such exposure may also be traumatizing for younger children. Therefore, the parents and teachers must keep an eye on the type of information that a child is accessing.
  • Keep a track of your child’s companionship. Please make sure they are in a better friend circle and restrict them from talking to the unknown and suspicious strangers. If you ignore your child’s connection in society, they might end up in a very skeptical situation.
  • Time-boundaries and location boundaries also need to be implemented for younger children. The society is very dangerous and allowing your child to roam around freely can be very dangerous. Always be with your child and discourage them from wandering off unnecessarily.
  • Today children are engrossed in their devices for prolonged periods which is not at all a good practice in the long run. Introducing some restrictions on their uses is not something against the law. Parents need to take up such a measure for the betterment of their children.
  • Schools also follow specific restrictive measures, which are necessary. Fines and punishments are imposed over certain things like damaging public property, involving in individual illegal acts, violence, and bullying. These are very important and cannot be denied.


Now, what are precisely the extremes of restrictions? Here are a few examples to elaborate on the answer to this question:-

  • Restricting the child from pursuing several of their interests, brushing them off as unimportant is a malign practice.
  • Unnecessary fines on the students by the schools is a punishment for the parents and not the children. Better solutions should be encouraged.
  • Parents restricting their children from outside exposure for a very long time that too on a larger scale does more harm than good.impact of


One place where a child experiences the maximum restrictions is a boarding school in India. But, all these restrictions are well analyzed and designed to promote a positive personality development in a child. Children in a residential school build a robust coping mechanism, thriving under such restrictions and hence become more efficient in life. There is always a fine line between what is right and what is evil. A parent or teacher needs to understand this difference, and then only a successful growth pattern can be established for the children.

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