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A thing that stresses parent today is the success and effectiveness of their parenting skills. Parenting is not an effortless task, especially for new parents. Perfect parenting is an obsolete concept, but good parenting is not so hard to achieve. A parent who continuously strives to make decisions in favour of their child is no less than perfect parents.

Parents are a determinant factor in entrenching the success of the children. They are the most considerable influence in a child’s life who enormously affects the future of a child. Children also look up to their parents as their role models. Hence, it is the prime duty to set an exceptional example for their kids.

Here are a few tips that every parent can follow towards successful and more yielding parenting:-


One of the greatest virtue of a good parent is endless patience in dealing with the situations relating to the kids. Kids are very inquisitive and impatient as they easily get carried away or distracted.

One needs to be extremely calm in dealing with the kids. Never react aggressively or threaten the kids, as this may lead to negative impacts in the long run. A child may act aggressively or rudely often, but a parent needs to maintain their calm and composure. Generating fear in the minds of the kids through threats can never lead to good results. If a child starts fearing their parents, they lie often and also lose trust in them.


As stated earlier, children imitate the actions of their parents. Hence, to discipline the children, parents need to improvise their lifestyle first.

If people have healthful habits, their children will adopt the same. Read books, exercise, eat healthily and provide more time to the family. This will not only keep you fit and mentally stable, but also help your children in developing better habits. Also, establish a more healthy and fulfilling relationship with your spouse. The family environment dramatically impacts the actions and mentality of a child. Hence it is up to a parent to create a more optimistic and wholesome atmosphere.


Schools are not solely responsible for teaching the kids and imparting the overall personality enhancement of a child. Parents need to participate actively in their child’s schooling activities.

Be in constant contact with your child’s teacher and indulge in constructive feedback. A majority of a child’s time is spent in the classroom, and it is the responsibility of the parents to be updated with their child’s performance and well-being. Learn about the problems that your child is facing in school and help or encourage them to overcome these problems. Know about your child’s schedule and syllabus, activities etc.


Frequently indulge in pep-talk with your children. Life is full of ups, downs and failures, but all this does not determine the end of experience or capabilities.

Be the strong pillar of support to your child and constantly remind them that you will always have their back. Teach them how to deal with the failures and overcome the adverse situations of life. Failures should not be portrayed in a negative light. Never compare a child and insult them for their inabilities. Accept that nobody is perfect and expecting your child to be excellent in every activity along with the academics, is a very selfish attitude. Instead, please focus on the positive attributes of your child and appreciate them regularly.


Communication is the most significant aspect of the sustenance of any healthy relationship. Interact with your child regularly and learn about their interests, troubles, incidents and complications.

Take out some time every day from your busy schedule to be updated with your child’s life. Promote open and broad-minded communication so that your child does not feel hesitant towards sharing their problems. This will result in a more positive and trusting perception of the children towards their parents.


Love does not mean that you fulfil every wish and demand your child. This will create a very selfish, entitled and spoilt attitude in the child.

Succumbing to every desire of a child and doing every kind of work for them will have a negative consequence in the long run. A child needs to learn certain things on their own and also understand the difference between necessity and luxury.

Parents are the centre of a child’s universe. One is brought into this world help-less, and parent provides all the support that is necessary for the survival. Remember, parents, play a significant role in shaping the life of an individual, and no child deserves to suffer the wrong decisions of a parent. Therefore, only plan a child when you are ready and responsible enough because such a decision is not something to be taken lightly.

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  1. It is important to keep in mind that parents are differentially affected by the behaviours and temperament of their child. Parents’ level of warmth/acceptance and permissiveness/ restrictiveness is influenced by the way they interpret and react to their child’s behaviours

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