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You are currently viewing Pune schools, colleges to remain shut till Feb 28 due to Covid-19
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  • Post last modified:Feb 24, 2021

Pune schools, colleges to remain shut till Feb 28 due to Covid-19

After rising in Covid cases in Pune district, Divisional Commissioner of Pune ordered to shut down schools and colleges and to implement night curfew in the district. 

The world has been adversely affected by COVID-19 it’s been almost a year when coronavirus hits the world forcing countries to shut down completely as Coronavirus pandemic has turned out to be more mysterious than any other diseases as it spreads quickly and easily and the virus is so deadly it has already claimed many lives. 

Recently, Government has approved Covid Vaccines and people can now be vaccinated, and the figures show that the rate of Covid cases has surprisingly declined in India and every state is reporting fewer new Covid cases and this gives the hopes to people as things are now coming back to normal as experts predicted it that India Covid Cases will be at peak July and August 2020  but after that period passed the cases kept on decreasing which makes everyone thinks the world is returning to normal which result in business started opening, public places were open to people and almost everything was open except schools therefore after seeing the decline in  Covid cases Government became so confident that recently Schools and colleges have received a green signal from Government to start operating offline classes from 15 February 2021. 

Just when everybody thought that Coronavirus is gone, it made a huge comeback as predicted by the expert who last year expecting a second wave of Coronavirus and that second wave has arrived and again just weeks after the reopening of school and colleges in Pune the order has come from the  Divisional Commissioner Pune division – Saurabh Rao to shut down schools and colleges till 28 February 2021. Schools like boarding schools in India, schools in Pune set to implement proper safety guidelines before opening schools.

Saurabh Rao explains that this decision has been taken after meeting with Ajit Pawar who is the Deputy Chief Minister of Maharashtra. Rao also stated that the private coaching institutes which operate in an offline environment are ordered to remain closed till 28 Feb 2021. However, as the competitive exam is starting soon so the students who are preparing for the competitive exam are allowed to study but with only 50% capacity and they should maintain proper social distancing. 

Rao added, if we take a look at the Covid positive rate was around 4 to 5 % which has shockingly increased to 10 % and Pune ranks 12 in Covid cases in Maharashtra, which forced them to put a night curfew in Pune district and all there Will be no public movement between 11:00 pm to 6:00 am and all restaurants, the bar has been ordered to close before 11:00 pm and only essential worker, Vegetable Seller, Newspaper distributions, people who are going to hospitals will be allowed to operate after 11:00 pm. 

Educational Institutions are not at all happy with the decision as most school and colleges management says it’s been a year since offline classes were shut down and it took them months for preparing for the offline classes and in just a week of operating they again ordered to closed it down again and once again prepare students and teachers for online classes as it is mentally difficult for both the teachers and students. School, Colleges authorities waited almost a year so they believe they could have waited a little more but  they wanted to open the institutions after intensified the vaccination drive and they feel this uncertainty is not good for either teachers and students

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