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How junior boarding schools help students get into great colleges

It’s never too early (or late) to start preparing for college. Junior boarding school is one way to take the stress out of sorting through all the options so you can focus on getting into great schools for graduate school. 


Recently, boarding schools have been gaining popularity with 20% more students attending this type of school. MightyBoardingSchools.com has been growing with them. It’s an online directory meant to help parents choose the perfect boarding school for their children. Mike, a student from England, is a great example of how boarding schools can change a person’s life.


Have you ever wondered how boarding schools help students get into great colleges? While it’s true that boarding schools have academically rigorous courses, it’s also true that they offer other benefits that can help students stand out.


Explore the advantages of boarding school and learn how they can help your child get into college.


Just like regular day schools, boarding schools can prepare students for college. But there are a few extra things boarding schools do to make sure their students are ready for the next level, including:


Developing leadership skills. Boarding students learn to lead by example and by taking on responsibility early on. They have to be leaders in order to help keep their group together and run the school’s activities. These leadership skills will serve them well once they’re in college and running organizations of their own.


Developing self-discipline. Since it’s not always easy to go home at night and see family, boarders learn self-discipline at a young age. They have to balance their time between schoolwork, extracurricular activities, chores, and socializing with friends or siblings who live at home. This teaches them how to manage their time effectively so they can focus on being productive without feeling overwhelmed by assignments or projects.


Junior boarding schools are a growing alternative to public and private high schools. These small, independent schools cater to students who want an alternative to large public high schools but don’t want to give up the academic rigor of a college-prep education.


Tough admissions standards are critical for junior boarding schools. In order to keep students motivated and engaged in their studies, it is important to provide them with a curriculum that will prepare them for college.


Things to keep in mind while choosing junior boarding schools:


Location can be important. If you’re planning on sending your child away for high school, make sure that you find a school near where you live so that you can visit often. It’s essential to have this connection if you plan on sending your child away during the school year.


Tuition is only part of the cost of attending a private school like this one. Be sure to factor in food, activities, books, and supplies when making your calculations. You may find that some of these costs are much higher than what you’d expect for an on-campus boarding school or even an online or virtual high school program.


Junior boarding schools are special because they help build the foundation for college success. The boarding school experience teaches character, responsibility, and independence, crucial skills for succeeding in college.


Tucker O’Connell is a student at St. George’s School in Rhode Island, a great private high school with a strong academic program.


Tucker tells us why he loves his boarding school experience:


“I love it here because I’m given a lot of freedom to do what I want as long as I get my work done and I don’t abuse that freedom. If I wasn’t here, then I’d have to worry about doing my work and dealing with having fun at the same time.”


Boarding schools can be great for students who need to develop discipline and self-motivation. They are often located in rural areas, providing the added benefit of a healthy and active lifestyle.


Treatment programs at boarding schools can help students learn the skills they need to succeed in college. Many boarding schools have excellent college placement services, which can help students get into the most prestigious universities in America. Not only does living on campus help students build their resumes, but it also forces them to avoid distractions like parties and other social activities.


Boarding school can be a great option for many students, and it may very well be one that will open doors for them in the future. Students can take advantage of the array of opportunities that boarding schools have to offer, but at the end of the day, each student should decide what will work best for their own unique situation. They can do so by exploring all available opportunities, as well as thinking about what kind of environment will be most conducive to their academic and personal growth. Ultimately, boarding school may provide an enriching option for individuals looking to take the next step in their education.


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