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What is it like to go to boarding schools

If you’re reading this, there are a few things I can assume about you: 1) Perhaps your parents read too much Roald Dahl when you were growing up, and now you have a fear of being separated from your family and forced to wear bizarre uniforms (blame Charlie). 2) You are one of the 1% of the population that has enough money that they don’t need to worry about the little things – or the big ones, for that matter. 3) You are considering boarding schools as an option for either your child or yourself.


As the new school year approached, Benjamin’s parents decided to send him overseas for his senior year to Europe in a boarding school. He was going to miss his family but he knew it was for the best. He was going to meet new friends and learn how to be more mature. This was his last year before college and he knew that he would have to step up his game. The last couple of months were a blur as he quickly found himself on the plane with all of his belongings heading overseas.”


 Most people who have spent their childhood and adolescent years at boarding schools will tell you it was the best time of their lives. However, all the excitement that could accompany this situation in your life may also make it a lot more complicated to deal with. That is especially true if you have never been away from home for an extended period of time before.


Boarding schools are an excellent opportunity for students to excel both academically and personally. People who attend boarding school often acquire key skills that can help them in their careers such as leadership, organization, time management, and public speaking. However, like any major life decision, choosing a boarding school is not easy. The choice to attend boarding school can be viewed as extremely positive or incredibly negative; the reality of it depends on each student.

A boarding school is a college or high school where students live during their studies. A student who attends a boarding school is called a border. Boarding schools are often special-purpose schools, with the intention of educating children to fulfill specific roles such as becoming future leaders in business, politics, or the arts.

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Boarding schools are like any other school, except that you live there. Unless you’re in a day-student program, you will usually sleep there five or six nights a week. If you’re in a regular boarding program, you’ll go home for long weekends and for vacations (but maybe not for Thanksgiving, depending on the school).


Some boarding schools are coed and some aren’t; some have separate buildings for boys and girls (which is common in Europe); others put groups of boys and girls together on opposite sides of a corridor or floor. If you’re choosing a boarding school, this is something to think about carefully – do you want to be around the opposite sex all the time? Do you want to be around the same sex all the time? Do you need some distance between the two?

Boarding schools have sports teams and clubs, musical groups, and plays and dances just like regular schools do. They also have study hours where they expect you to be studying (or at least sitting in your dorm room quietly) when homework isn’t being done.

It is quite different than normal schools. To be honest, the first day of my boarding life was really hard for me because I had no friends, but it wasn’t for long. You will get used to it and you’ll also gain some friends after a few days.


At the beginning of the year (or semester), you will have orientation, which is like a welcoming ceremony. In there, you’ll meet lots of people who are also new to boarding life. So it won’t be very lonely.


So, how is the boarding life? It’s not that bad. You’ll get lots of activities going on outside classes, such as playing sports or participating in competitions or even going to the city with your friends if your school allows it. And if you have a lot of free time, you can also use that time to do whatever you want, like reading books or watching movies with your friends.


And if you’re worried about being homesick, don’t worry about that too much because there will be another holiday after a few months (if you don’t get expelled). So just stay calm and enjoy the freedom!


However, there are also many benefits to going to boarding school. For one, you tend to form very close relationships with the other students because you see them every day and spend most of your time with them. These friendships often last much longer than those from high schools where people only see each other a few times a week. Boarding school in India also teaches you how to function independently because you are away from your family for long periods of time.


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