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Which is the best boarding school in Dehradun?

We think the most important decision when deciding which boarding school in Dehradun to choose is: what do your children enjoy, and what are they good at? If you can find a good fit for your child academically, and a place where they will be happy and thrive socially, then it can be a very positive experience. 


Before we evaluate the finer points, let’s find out why you should choose one boarding school over another. In simple terms, boarding schools are great for their discipline and style of teaching. There are no distractions from parents or guardians and there is a system that ensures that interaction between teachers and students is effective. Some students who have never lived in a disciplined way may find this feeling to be uncomfortable (particularly during meals). However, living in a boarding school gives them an opportunity to improve themselves as they consider their career goals. 


Branford Hall is one of the oldest boarding schools in Dehradun. It provides education to students from all around the world. The school teaches students to be responsible and tolerant towards each other. The school has many other facilities like horse riding, swimming, badminton, cricket, basketball, football, table tennis, etc. It also has a music room, a cafeteria, a library and more. The teachers are very friendly and they take special care of the students. They have special counselors for that who help the students in their extracurricular activities and make sure that they get what they want to learn. The main advantage of this school is that it takes care of students’ overall development instead of just focusing on studies only.


The school has classrooms for all grades from nursery to 12th standard along with separate buildings for sciences and humanities. To make the learning fun there are many playgrounds made so that children can spend their time happily while they learn new things in life. There is a large auditorium where all the students perform plays and shows which boosts their confidence level.


The boarding facility consists of comfortable dormitories where everyone lives with his/her own bathroom and toilet attached to it so that they don’t feel out of place at all.


St. Joseph’s Academy is one of the top boarding schools in Dehradun located at Padri Niwas, near Rajpur Road railway station on the Delhi – Kolkata line. It provides education till grade 12th with more than 1,000 students studying here. The school has 50 classrooms with an adequate number of laboratories, an auditorium, and a library that has books on various subjects like chemistry, mathematics, physics, and computer science. For extra-curricular activities, there is a large indoor badminton court, a volleyball ground, and a basketball court along with other sports facilities like a hockey ground and swimming pool. 


At the end of the day, each school is just one aspect of a student’s academic career. It may be most important to find a school that a student believes and feels comfortable in, where they feel like they belong. There’s no denying that Boarding schools in Dehradun offer a level of personal attention and range of extracurricular activities not always possible in a regular school environment. Finding the right school for you though may take some time and research. Only one thing remains certain: it’s never too early to begin this journey.


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