How to identify the skills of your child

Identification is always the first step towards the building of any project.  The same theory applies to the development of life skills. To nurture a particular ability, you need first to identify it. Identifying the Read more

online education

How Online Educations Works and How It Is Changing Indian Education Landscape

Introduction A few years ago, the state of the Indian education system was significantly dingy and apathetic. Several issues had been bothering the education system like lack of practical knowledge, outdated syllabus, insufficient quality teachers, Read more

Montessori Method

The Montessori Method and Sensitive Periods for Kid’s Learning

Maria Montessori, the first female physician in Italy, pioneered an approach to the education of children known as The Montessori Method. Her entire life, she studied how children learn. A developmental theory explaining her approach Read more

Group Instruction

Importance of Whole Group Instruction

 Whole-class instruction is often provided through teacher-led direct instruction. With minimal differentiation content, supplemental materials or textbooks are used to provide these instructions. Regardless of where a particular student is, the teacher provides the same Read more

Planning Importance

Importance of preparation and planning for teachers

One critical component of effective teaching is preparation and planning. If the teacher lacks behind in planning, then it will lead to failure. Good teachers are always over-prepared, always thinking about the next lesson and Read more

important qualities of a good student and teacher

Important personality traits for the success of student and teachers

Characteristics that develop from specific life experiences and those that are innate to people as individuals together make personality traits. The success of a person is determined by his/her personality traits. Success is defined in Read more