In a social media interaction on Sunday, the Health Minister of India, Harsh Vardhan, stated that some states in India are under the influence of community transmission. He also said that the problem is not prevalent across the country. 

The Health Minister informed that in several districts of states like West Bengal, there is a possibility of community transmission of COVID-19. The potential is even more significant in the densely populated regions of the country. The problem is not prevalent across the country and is limited to certain districts in a few states. The response of the minister was with reference to the remark made by Mamta Banerjee, Chief Minister of West Bengal who had earlier said that there are evident instances of community transmission in her state. She asked the Health Minister about the clarifications regarding the community spread of COVID-19.

The Central government has reported that community transmission is only restricted to some districts and is localized in a specific area. These areas are reporting a cluster of cases daily because most of the transmission is limited. For densely populated areas, the possibility is higher. Containment zones are created with the intention of controlling this transmission on the local level. Approximately 80% of the total cases reported on Saturday were detected to be from the ten states where the disease spread is higher. 


The COVID-19 case count in India has crossed the 7.55-million-mark. But on the flip side, India reported approximately 55,000 cases between Sunday and Monday morning, lowest in the last five days. The number of fatalities reported in the previous 24 hours was also the lowest in the last few months. 

There has been a significant decline in the number of daily cases in India, and the recovery rate of 88.25% has reduced the gap between the total cases reported and active cases in the country. It has been observed and anticipated that India reached its a peak in September and now the cases are declining. A major part of the population has also seemed to develop immunity towards the disease.

This positive news is good news for the Indian citizens who can now expect normalcy soon. The unlock has provided several reliefs, and people have started adapting to their pre-covid routine. Schools and colleges are expected to open soon. 

It is advised to keep using masks and hand sanitizers to ensure safety. Avoiding crowded public spaces and maintaining social distancing is also advised to keep oneself safe. 

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