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  • Post published:Apr 7, 2020
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What are different types of parenting styles and their analysis


Everyone wants to be the best parent for his child. Parents always try to do everything for their children, which they are capable of doing. They want to give their children the best in the world. They want them to be happy and provide them with all the privileges which they never had in their childhood.

Well, the motive of every parent is more or less the same. But as we know that each one of us is different in some of the other ways. So the idea of parenting of every parent is also different, and that’s why no person is the same as everyone comes from a diverse background, has a different upbringing, different surroundings.

In providing them the best things, we somewhere forget what impact it is having on them. Or the same as we say no to them for every particular thing or being strict every time. So everything does have an impact on your child sooner or later stage of their life. 

Let us understand some of the parenting styles and find out that you belong to which category of the parent. And what are the outcomes of your parenting style?

Which parents are you?

In broad terms, there are only four categories of parents. These are

  • Authoritative parents
  • Authoritarian parents
  • Indulgent parents
  • Negligent parents

 Let us understand the characteristics and outcomes of different parenting styles in detail.


Authoritative parents are also called disciplinarians. They are strict and believe in only one way of communication, i.e., from parent to child. They have high expectations and have a non-negotiable attitude.

Parenting style characteristics

  • Warm and responsive
  • Clear rules
  • High expectations
  • Supportive
  • Value independence

The outcome of parenting style

  • High academic performance
  • More self-esteem
  • Better social skills
  • Less mental illness
  • Lower delinquency


Authoritarian parents are more or less the same as authoritative parents, but they believe in developing friendly relationships with their children. They are strict and disciplined but nurturing as well. They have high expectations from their children.

Parenting style characteristics

  • Unresponsive
  • Strict rules
  • High expectations
  • Expect blind obedience

The outcome of parenting style

  • Lower academic performance
  • Less self-esteem
  • Poor social skills
  • Mental illness
  • drug, alcohol abuse
  • delinquency


Permissive parents are parents who always give freedom to their children and offer guidance or direction whenever required. They believe in a friendly way of parenting and develop more of a close relationship with their children.

Parenting style characteristics

  • Warm and responsive
  • Fewer r no rules
  • Indulgent
  • Lenient

The outcome of parenting style

  • Impulsive behavior
  • Egocentric
  • Poor social skills
  • Problematic relationship


Negligent parents or uninvolved parents are the parents who give their children full freedom and do not come in their child’s way. Some parents want to develop their child in this way of not getting involved in this activity, but others usually are less interested in parenting or do not know how to do parenting. 

Parenting style characteristics

  • Cold and unresponsive
  • No rules
  • Uninvolved
  • Indifferent

The outcome of parenting style

  • Impulsive behavior
  • Delinquency
  • Drug, alcohol abuse
  • suicide

Some of us might perfectly fit into one of the above categories, but many of the parents might be adopting different parenting styles with different stages or situations in life.

Well, I think there is no perfect way of parenting; it is just taking the right step at the right time. Take the above four cases as a continuum in life rather than distinct ways of parenting. Think critically and choose the right action at the right time.

For, e.g., a parent might not want to be an authoritative parent, but there are some situations in life when you’ll need to stick to this parenting style.

It might also be a good practice if both parents take up a different parenting style. In this way, the child will learn discipline as well as he will develop a friendly relationship with one of the parents so that you’ll always know what’s in his mind without giving him too much freedom.

You always need to strike a balance between your parenting style because too much of anything is wrong. Too much discipline, freedom, negligence, etc.. so always try to have a balance in your behavior.

As the generation is advancing day by day, many more types of parenting styles are also arising. E.g., helicopter parenting style, it is similar to the authoritative style with more or over-involvement in a child’s life. 

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