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  • Post published:Apr 9, 2020
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Effects of smartphones on the parenting methods

Smartphones, a device invented for making our lives easier, has indeed fulfilled its task, but along with helping and making our lives simpler, it has now become a hazardous tool if used excessively.

People are becoming lethargic, and they can spend their whole day doing nothing but scrolling without even realizing the precious time they are wasting doing nothing.

We don’t want this habit to pass on to our children, right? So you, as a parent, can talk to him and teach him not to misuse smartphones. By training and regulating some habits now, you can make him stay away from unwanted things and situations.

Some of the ways through which you can regulate the use of smartphone and make sure that your kid is not misusing the device are listed below-

Choose smart

Whenever we plan to buy something, we have a wide variety of options available in front of us, and we have to choose amongst them.

So always choose smartly. Analyze the different sets of options available, price of each, and choose the right smartphone for you.

Also, choose a service plan which doesn’t make a hole in your pocket and allows you to stay in control of cost. 

E.g., go for a prepaid plan mobile phone.

Set a password

You won’t always be around your child, or your smartphone will not always be in your hand. You might get busy with some other work, and your child may use your smartphone without your permission.

So you must set a password to keep a distance between your child and smartphone. At such a tender age, you don’t want your children to get involved in some unwanted activity, and we all know that smartphones are somehow a door to such events.

Plus, setting a password will also help you to maintain your privacy; other people will not get access to your phone without your permission.

Set time budget

You can’t be strict all the time and not allow him to touch your smartphones even once. You can give him a smartphone for some time but always set a time and make sure they are under your surveillance. Keep an eye on them, what sites they are using, what games they are playing, what apps kids are downloading, what videos they are watching.

Set a time limit and give them the smartphone for that particular time only.

Warn them

While exposing them to smartphones, you also should remind them of the activities and things that they should not be involved in while using a smartphone.

Remind them that anything they send from their smartphone can be quickly circulated among everyone by forwarding and sharing.

Make them alert not to get involved in any unwanted activity or thing.

Install app lock

It is quite understandable that you can’t keep an eye on your child all the time, but that doesn’t mean that you can handover a smartphone to them with full access to each and everything.

So here is where the role of app lock comes into play; install app lock and use it for the apps which you don’t want them to get access through, like Facebook, WhatsApp, and skype.

You can also lock the browser if you want to so that they do not search for anything unwanted. If kids wish to it for homework, you can sit with him and keep an eye on what he is doing or searching.

While keeping an eye on your kid, you should also make sure that you are not engrossed day and night on the smartphone. The smartphone can harm your children. In today’s era, everyone is stuck to their smartphone day and night, forgetting the importance of getting involved with people spending some quality time with the family. People want to sit and swipe.

Always remember that your kids ought to learn the things which they see doing you. So you have a considerable impact on their lives. So stop swiping day and night; it might be work, but you need not bring your work home always, take a break from your smartphone and spend some time with your kid. Talk to him, play with him, ask him questions.

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