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An immaculate and unblemished attainment in any field of life is a concept beyond procurement. In simple words, no one is flawless or perfect. Perfect parenting is, therefore, also a vague conception, and does not retain a golden book with the rules and regulations laid down to it. With the rapidly modifying world, the responsibilities of the parents towards the children are also changing.

Every parent wants their ward to be successful in every sphere of life. It is also not unknown that the primary forces that affect the development of a child are the efforts and guidance that the parents administer to their children. Parents need to help their children recognize and utilize their potential in the most productive way.

Many times the advice from the different experts regarding useful parenting techniques may come out be contradictory. Different people have different perceptions regarding the parenting abilities. But there a few everyday things that are accepted by everyone.

Here is a compilation of some of the best, well-researched and approved tips for polishing your parenting skills.

1- Never threaten or use violence on your kids:-

Although this may seem like an undeniable argument, many parents resort to beatings when their child goes against their demands. They feel that such fear-mongering will keep their kids under their control. The result of such behavior is in lieu, quite the opposite. The children under such “induced fear” tend to lie more. They start doing certain things secretly and may hide a lot from their parents. The same thing applies to threats and scolding. Such behavior makes your kid rude and more susceptible to causing violence to release their frustration.

2-Promote a healthy marriage relationship:-

The children who come from a loving and low-conflicts atmosphere, tend to be more extroverted, cheerful and ultimately more successful. People who are well co-ordinated and compatible with each other are better able to raise more proficient individuals. Children learn and imitate the actions of their parents. If they are under the influence of a well-adjusted family environment, they will contemplate the same for their future life. Here are a few pieces of advice towards building a more fulfilling marriage environment:-

  • Communicate and talk frequently. Talk and resolve all your matters.
  • Allot more time to each other.
  • Shower each other with compliments more often.
  • Always be kind and caring.
  • Understand each other’s struggles.


3-Encourage your child to do certain things on their own:-

Children who become self- reliant and independent at an earlier age prove to be more prosperous and lucrative individuals. Do not contemplate every task of your child. Encourage them little by little to fulfill their specific needs on their own. Teach them all the essential life tasks of cleaning, cooking, self-care, and traveling. Assign your child some responsibilities around the house.

4-Appreciate and promote your child’s accomplishments:-

Praise your child’s positive aspects but do not insult or threaten them for their shortcomings. As mentioned earlier, no human being in this world is born to be perfect in every way. If your child achieves something great or wins an award, then appreciate their efforts. This way, your child would feel more motivated towards being better and accomplishing more.

5-Inspire your child to be more social:-

  • A human-being is a social animal, and an individual cannot survive without companionship. Children who are more social and extroverted develops into more successful and established people. Here are a few tips that you can provide your child for improving their social skills:-
  • Accept the disparities in society and respect the different cultures and traditions.
  • Gain knowledge regarding world history, and it’s heritage and culture.
  • Try and be more polite.
  • Compliment other people.
  • Engage in conversations and discussions.
  • Understanding different people’s perspective.

6-Provide a sense of security and support:-

Children are more expressive and open towards the parents who support them. A sense of security leads to better bonding and the children engage in less maligning acts that might embarrass their parents. Such children also tend to perform better in various activities in Indian schools and possess better human values.

7-Manage your problems first:-

The worst thing that any parent can do is contemplating their stress and anger on their children. The innocent children should not be the victims of your mismanaged life. Manage your problems and put them aside when you are with your child and family. It can be hard in certain situations and whenever you feel such an urge, isolate yourself and indulge in self-interpolation. Meditating and exercising can be useful in the construction of a more peaceful life.

Ultimately it boils down to your perceptions and ideologies. Engage in more positive resources to influence your personal life. You radiate what to possess from within, hence a holistic approach towards life can do wonders in many ways!


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