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  • Post published:Jan 1, 2020
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Ways to having a healthy conversation with students about the news

News is such an essential part of our everyday life. Be it the local news which makes us aware of the locality we live in, what is happening in our area? What needs to be done to make our region better? These are some of the news items which we become aware of through the local news. The National news helps us understand our country, how is the economy of our country doing? What is the reason for so much unrest in the country? What are the policies that the government has introduced? What is happening in the other parts of our country?

Becomes essential which helps us to know the situation of our country. While being aware of international news gives information about the world as some of the global news have an impact on our economy. What is the worldwide unrest resulting in some changes in our country? Knowing the international news gives us a different perspective on things.

Being mindful of the news is a good conversation starter in a gathering. Students should especially be reading the news regularly. Bring up to date with the news gives an added advantage to the students. Their general knowledge increases; they are aware of the different economic, political, and social news happening in the country and around the world. The news at times helps the students in getting more material for their various projects giving an interesting angle to the whole thing. 

But sometimes, it is difficult to start a conversation with the students about the news, and the students take things personally, which leads to clashes and fights, both verbal and physical. Hence, while initiating any talks related to the news, it has become necessary to start the conversation very carefully. Below are some of the ways through which you can have a very healthy discussion about the news with the students.

Start with a disclaimer.

It is suggested to start with a disclaimer that this discussion is merely for exchanging of ideas and not to be taken personally. At times during the course of the conversation, students tend to become emotional and take the discussion to another level, which is not required; hence the disclaimer comes into the picture. At times even after the disclosure, students at times get too involved in the discussion. You should remind them politely about the disclaimer and do it in a very diplomatic way.

Give a summary of the news.

Before having a conversation with the student, firstly, you should have a good knowledge of the topic to be discussed. The reason for having a piece of proper knowledge about the matter is because not all have a student who has the same views political views, and at times they don’t have access to the news medium. Hence, it becomes imperative that before then starting a conversation about the news so that everybody is on the same page.

Encourage the students to have a healthy discussion.

After the brief about the news, you should ask them to analyze the news amongst themselves without getting aggressive. You have to be careful about the discussion becoming a debate. In debates, most of the time, people take things personally, and they resort to personal attacks, which will lead to arguments. Remind the students about the objective of the whole discussion and shift their focus in exchanging ideas rather than influencing the people with your own.

Explain and Simplify the information or points

During the course of the discussion, it is necessary for you to give them an explanation in case the students digress from the topic. It would be best if you made them understand the relevance of the topic given. At times students are also misinformed about the topic; hence it becomes necessary for you to clarify the same with the student.

Ask students to reflect upon the news after the discussion.

Once the discussion is over, you should ask the students how they feel about it. As while the discussion was going on, they got new information and a different perspective from others. They should speak freely about their learning, and understanding of the topic is given. Understanding the subject will help them to understand more clearly the view of the people who don’t share their own viewpoints.

As a conclusion provide your viewpoint on the news item

After the discussion is over, it would be helpful for the students to understand what exactly the news wants to express. By explaining the whole news items to the students, they get more clarity about it and would be able to reflect better on their thoughts.

With the current scenario in the country, it has become necessary for the students to indulge in healthy conversations rather than follow blindly what others want them to do. Having a mind of your own is more important.

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