Great Ways to Start Your Day- A healthy lifestyle starts every morning

Great Ways to Start Your Day

When you start your day with positive energy, you are on the right path towards a successful day. Mornings should make your full well-rested and motivated to accomplish various things. If you wake up feeling tired and demotivated, then there is something wrong with your daily life schedule. You are either stressful and have a negative perception of things, or there is a mismanagement of your daily activities. 

This problem is more critical nowadays. With an increase in the competition, the workload upon the people has also become manifold. Students, especially, have fallen prey to anxiety and depression, and in this over-demanding society, stress is becoming a standard part of life. 

While one needs to work very hard in coping up with the competition, playing with our mental health can lead to severe health deterioration. A downward spiral can cause a person to break down.

In many parts of the world, like India, more than 90% of the population is suffering from health and mental stress. This is not even recognized as a significant concern here, and no practical steps are taken in subsidizing the problem. The conditions of the workers, students, etc. are staggering as cheap labor is significant in such countries. Hence, we are the only ones who are responsible for our health and can effectively take care of ourselves. The first step towards this should be of establishing a routine and kicking start your day with an optimistic morning ritual.

If you start your day feeling more energized, then you can ensure a productive and efficient day ahead. Here are a few steps that you can implement in your morning routine that will keep you on a higher energy level. 


Music is the soup of the soul. It generates positive vibes and clears our mind from stress and other kinds of burden. Music is a therapy that is shown to minimize the stress levels and relay a very positive impact on the overall health of the people.

Begin your day by listening to music and then plan out your day. You can also plan out your day under the influence of some soothing music. Meditation is another way of relaxing the mind, and the experience of meditation becomes even better when music is considered. 

Music can complement your healthy lifestyle habits like yoga, workout, aerobics, and meditation. You can also sit with your journal and plan out your day, with the help of music.


A shower can drain off all the tiredness from the mind and the body. After a shower, a body feels fresh and energized. Usually, there are two types of shower people:-

1) Hot Shower People

A hot shower can make one feel more relaxed. Often, such a shower is preferred before going to bed as it drains away all the stress and tiredness accumulated in the day.

2) Cold Shower People

People who take a cold shower are more ready for the day. They feel awakened and more mobile. 

A great shower is the one where we diligently invest time in self-care. A little bit of pampering in the morning can take us a long way and make us feel better overall. Let the water loosen the muscles and prepare the mind for the day. Challenged will feel more breezy, and one would feel more vamped up to face what the day has to offer. 


Instead of engaging in that caffeine content from your regular cup of coffee, why not go for a healthier and more green option of using green tea. A glass of lemon water can improvise your metabolism and make you feel better holistically. Start your day while sipping a nice cup of green tea and reading some positive thoughts. This can prove to be an instant stress reliever.


Breakfast is the most vital meal of the entire day. Eat well-balanced and hearty breakfast. All the other meals of the day can be skipped, but once should never skip breakfast. Eat a healthy meal that is low on sugars and carbs. Without breakfast, you will feel low on energy.


When you write down your goals and plans, you are more secure towards achieving them. Hence, maintain a journal and plan out your activities. Just take a few minutes and write down your planned events. 

Writing regularly will make you feel more focused and motivated. 

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