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5 Great Apps for Parent-Teacher Communication

Parent-Teacher communications are necessary for the success of students. That’s the reason many schools conduct parent-teacher meetings which create an opportunity for parents to know about the performance of their child plus they also receive guidance which they can follow in order to improve the performance of the child.

Things have changed after Covid -19 pandemic as schools are closed and the classes are being conducted online. Students spend the majority of their time at home so it becomes important for teachers to communicate with the parents so they can help the child to remain focused and improve their performance.  So instead of the Parents Teacher meeting,  Parents – Teachers apps emerged as a solution for bridging the gap between parents and teachers as now they can communicate easily in the comfort of their home with the help of an app and may of the best boarding schools in India use these type of strategies for conducting online classes.

Parents-Teachers apps help both Parents and teachers to get the insights like parents to feel empowered as they become the focal point of child education as every homework, classes, information, test and etc go through them as teachers notify every detail related to child education to parents and its parent duty to prepare the students for every activity and help them stay focused and keep improving their performance. On the other hand, it also helps teachers to stay in touch with the parents to receive up-to-date knowledge of students’ home situations, on a daily or weekly basis which allows teachers to better understanding students’ needs and requirements so they can modify their teaching accordingly in order to improve their performance.

Here are Top 5 apps that make the parents-teacher and students  communication effective and seamless

1 – Parents Square

ParentSquare is the most safest and reliable app which offers two-way group messaging, keeps the communication private, provides alerts and notices published by schools and the best part about the apps is its simple interface and anyone from child, parents, and teacher can easily operate on the apps. Schools do need a communication system that is more reliable and safe for communication like email, website, other messaging apps, flyers and etc can be too complicated and hard to track but ParentSquare apps offer all the communication in one platform making it easy to create groups of students, send a notification, can also view attendance, library and cafeteria dues. It also gives a feature where parents can purchase any goods and services provided by the school’s department. This Apps is completely free to use and it can be downloaded on any android, Apple device.

2 – Bloomz

 Bloomz is an award-winning app that is very popular among schools as it provides all the features which are needed for strong and reliable parents – teachers communication. With the help of Bloomz parents can communicate with teachers as well as other parents. Teachers can send regular updates to parents easily. Parents find it convenient as Bloomz allows photo, video sharing plus it allows teachers to send messages with student timelines and also their behavior tracking. The best part about this app is it has its own social media feel where parents and teachers can post anything and can also like and comment on others’ posts. This app is also free and can work on any android and Apple devices.

3 – Remind

 This is also a great parent-teacher communication app that offers instant messaging facilities for teachers and as the name suggests it helps teachers in scheduling a reminder for parents and students so that they instantly know what homework, task, or work they have to complete. It also lets teachers send alerts to parents in case of early dismissal of a class or school closing. Teachers can also send assignments or messages to individual students, or a whole class, or multiple classes instantly. This app is also free to use and can work on any android and Apple devices.

4 – Seesaw: The Learning Journal

 Another incredible app that does more than communicate in this teacher can create a personalized lesson for the class and it also presents opportunities for students to create, collaborate and share their work as there are many in build tools like video, audio, web link, pdf which makes the learning process engaging. Seesaw lets teachers invite parents where they can check on the work of students and can see the whole progress, not just the result. Teachers can control what families can see, this creates privacy for other students as they can’t see other students’ profiles and progress. .It comes in both free and paid versions as the paid version has more features. It also works on android and Apple devices.

5 – ClassDojo

 ClassDojo is the best app that lets teachers keep the families informed about the behavior of the students in the classroom. This app is designed to improve students’ behavior and encourage them for their good behavior. Teachers can connect with any parents easily and give them feedback about their children. It also has the feature of sharing photos, videos, or even announcements on the apps. Messaging facilities are also provided in the apps so teachers can chat and share the children’s feedback straight to parents. It’s also free to use and works on any android and Apple devices.


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