the anatomy of a great teacher

The Anatomy of a great teacher

Every person is different. We can’t expect everyone in the world to behave in the same way or do things only in a particular way that is so not justifiable if we expect a person to act or change his behavior following one specific person. But with this, we also know that we admire the personality or behavior or skill set of a particular person, we want to incorporate some of his capabilities or traits into us. So teachers are also of different categories; some are good, some are very good, and some are great. The motive of every teacher is the same, to incorporate knowledge into his students’ minds, but the way and methods through which a teacher aspires to reach this goal are different.

When we talk about a teacher, then there are some sayings related to the teachers. To understand them better let’s classify the teachers into three categories

  • Mediocre teacher- tells
  • Good teacher- explains
  • Great teacher- demonstrate

There are a lot of teachers, but today we are not going to discuss the different types of teachers. Our focus is on what is the anatomy of a great teacher, what makes a teacher a great teacher?

A great teacher is not only bound to teach his content to the students but also has a significant impact on the lives of his students. A great teacher changes the presence of his student as well as any student who comes into his path. Along with the excellent study habits, he tries to incorporate good morals, boosts their confidence, and tries to encourage them to be the best version of themselves. Students never miss the class or get bored in the category of a great teacher. Students always remember and cherish a great teacher. How can a student forget a teacher who has played an essential role in his successful life, who has always encouraged him to give his best efforts in everything? 

Here we are not emphasizing on the fact that every teacher should be great. There are many teachers who are capable of teaching in the right way, but to be genuine, great teachers are rare to be found. And if you have crossed your path with a great teacher, you would understand what I am trying to convey through this article.

Great teachers are not bound to the number of hours they have to teach, and they focus on making their students understand everything effectively. They spend long hours after class preparing for the content for the next course. They try to bring out different methods and exciting techniques of teaching so that kids would eat every bit of knowledge from the class.

A great teacher focusses not only on the subject development but on the 360-degree development of the students in his class. They have vast knowledge and a different level of enthusiasm when they teach in class or in any place. Even the hardest topic is turned into a new problem when they show. They break the content into small chunks so that it becomes easier for the students to grasp every bit of it. They understand the fact that every day is different, every class is different, and every student is different.

With this view in his mind, he is continuously working on changing his ways of teaching with the different sets of students and the changing times. But most importantly, he is open to his students, he believes in open-ended discussion and not only believes in imparting knowledge but gaining knowledge from their students also. They try to learn new things from their students as well. For them, teaching is not only a profession to earn money, but education is also a passion for them to impart knowledge into the minds of the young generation, to make them a better person academically and in life too.

Great teachers are a complete package. From grabbing the opportunity, learning from mistakes to making students understand their mistakes, evolving themselves as well as the students with the time, counseling, and mentoring the students when they need, a great teacher does all of these things and much more than this with ease.

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