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  • Post published:Feb 13, 2020
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How to identify the skills of your child

Identification is always the first step towards the building of any project. 

The same theory applies to the development of life skills. To nurture a particular ability, you need first to identify it. Identifying the skills and talents of your child can be a very drawn out and challenging task. At a very young age, when a child is just being introduced to the various functional areas of life, analyzing their interests can be tricky.

Parents want their child to be successful in many fields of life. But they need to understand that no-one is equipped with the abilities to perform best in every sphere of life. Discover your child’s skill and work towards perfecting that skill. This will result in a better performing and prosperous life for your child. there are many boarding schools in India who will help you to identify the skills of your child.

So how can one know about their child’s talent from a very young age?

The good news is that you don’t have to go through extensive and expensive tests to discover your child’s inherent talents. If something captivates your child’s attention and excites them, they will naturally be involved in it for more extended periods. But here are a few tips that can significantly aid you in the identification of your child’s unique abilities:-

  • Introduce them to various activities 

Before trying your hand on something, you need to be familiar with it and have the knowledge about it. Teach your child about the various activities in life and educate them about their rules. Introduce them to music, singing, dancing, drawing, sports etc.. at a young age. Let them try everything and then identify that one activity that captures them the most. Your child will herself/ himself show excitement towards anything that entertains them, and they will also depict better performance towards that activity. The passion for something is crucial in developing expertise towards it.

  • Observe your child perform various activities

If your kid loves playing and spends the majority of his/ her time in the field? Then, instead of ignoring or disregarding their habit, watch them play. What if your child performs extra-ordinarily in a local match. This can be a clear sign of his/ her capabilities. Appreciate and encourage your kid and their accomplishment. This motivates them, and they thrive to perform even better. Also if your child loves singing, dancing etc. then analyse their performances in these. Observation can significantly help you towards identifying your kid’s skills.

  • Let your kid make the choice

If you want to enroll your child to take individual lessons and that is entirely justifiable. But, before taking this step, ask your kid and give him/ her a choice. Just don’t forcefully engage your child in a random lesson which intrigues you. Let the kid decide for himself. Suppose you want your child to learn a musical instrument, then first expose them to try different devices. Once the child can establish an interest, he/ she will naturally convert a better performance.

  • Validate their interests

Don’t scold your kids or bash our actions if they seem irrelevant to you. If your kid loves playing video games, they introduce them to various fields related to the same like animation designing, video game developers or graphic designing. Also, if your child loves making sketches and spends their time painting, then encourage their habits. Tell them about the various fields that involve creativity and art at its core. Your child will be forever grateful to you if you let them develop a career in an area of their interest as they will live a better and more fulfilling life this way.

  • Forget yourself

is not at all about you. Your desires and your interest does not transfer into your child. Your child is a separate individual with a different mindset and interests. You cannot enforce your demands on them and expect them to like and perform well in the areas that you please. Such a culture can prove to be very degrading for your child’s mental health. In countries like China, India etc. this situation is even more drastic, and hence you will find that the rates of people dealing with various mental health issues are very high in such nations. No-one can live happily under pressure and children should not be subjected to such atrocities.

Finally, the skills are not limited to the physical performance parameters. Cognitive personality building of a child is also critical. Along with IQ, today, many firms believe in developing a person’s emotional intelligence. Human species are equipped with the most complex set of emotions compared to all the other species. Therefore their skills are also affected by these emotions. A person will only give his/ her best towards something is he/ she feel an attachment towards it. Hence, look for that attachment, and you will identify your child’s skill.

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