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Eight points that prove boarding school is the perfect choice for your child

Deciding whether to send your child to boarding school or not is a tedious job to do, but there are eight simplified reasons that actually prove why a boarding school is a perfect choice for your child:

  1. The standard of education in boarding schools of India happens to stay unmatched and unparalleled, because of its well-experienced faculty members who go out-of-the-box to ease difficult concepts to students. They are incredibly passionate about teaching, unlike many public schools where distraction is an integral part of many classrooms.
  2. Those who are a part of boarding school have a strong sense of independence among themselves. They do not remain dependent on others for accomplishing any task, no matter what. Those who attend public school have this tendency to rely upon parents for meals, shopping, etc. which eventually lands them into trouble in future. However, living away from home allows your child to face these challenges sportingly and builds their character before pursuing higher studies.
  3. Public schools have a more significant frequency of students, and it is almost impossible to get the individual attention from teachers. There are students, jostling for collecting notes whenever they miss classes, and so on. However, in boarding school, the classes are relatively smaller; hence, students can voice their choices and opinions, clear their doubts without being hesitant and learn in a far more friendlier atmosphere.
  4. Being a part of boarding school, your daughter is expected to accomplish her own tasks and produce her own thoughts without being hesitant about it. You are nourished in an independent atmosphere. Hence, your child will be treated as a responsible adult as they are supposed to be mature enough to face the world.
  5. Boarding schools are well-funded, so the students are expected to enjoy world-class facilities. Well-stocked libraries enable them to see the world from a global perspective. Ample of books enable students to stay occupied and gather varied information about a single concept.
  6. Boarding schools in India has a lot more to offer than just a big library full of books. It has separate corners for outdoor activities, be it sports, theater, music, dance, etc. A student is exposed to various forms of art through which she can enjoy.
  7. Regular schools are meant to offer students with one play of any literary figure in a year, and she is expected to analyze that very play throughout the entire year and sit for the examination. However, in boarding schools, multiple literary texts are offered to the child to ensure an overall knowledge about literature (and other fields of life) and analyze them to conclude impact insights.
  8. Regular schools are often being found to be engaged in bullying smart students and letting them down. However, boarding schools have never entangled themselves in bullying students; rather, they have encouraged young minds to foster.

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