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  • Post published:Feb 26, 2020
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Students life in dehradun

Dehradun has earned its reputation as the most preferred venue for gaining an education in the country. “The School Capital of India”- Dehradun possess the largest cartel of some of the most renowned educational organizations in the nation. The quality of education provided here paired with a benign location and atmosphere make Dehradun the best place to obtain elementary, primary and secondary level education.

Dehradun encompasses an excellent syndicate of schools offering different types of schooling practices as per the preference of the people. Boarding schools in Dehradun attract students from all over the world because of the marvelous facilities and amenities that they provide. A scholar in Dehradun experiences a better learning environment compared to the other students in different parts of the country. Here are the few advantages that a obtain by studying in Dehradun:-

1) Pristine Climate

Dehradun is a gorgeous little town situated between the two prominent rivers, Ganga and Yamuna. It is located in the slopes of the enchanting Himalayas and near many eminent places. The city is surrounded by a view of alluring landscapes and opulent vegetation. All these conditions provide an excellent environment for the students to gain knowledge. The climate and weather conditions of the place are also very mild, and the students do not get bothered by the uncomfortable summers and winters. All these advantages of the schools in Dehradun provide the most suitable conditions for the students to utilize their full potential in studies, sports and other extra-curricular activities.

2) Security and Freedom

Dehradun is the safest cities in the country presently. This place provides the most suitable location for a girls school. Many parents prefer the girls’ schools in Dehradun when they are looking for a single-sex educational institution for their daughter. Dehradun is a very safe place without any severe cases of crimes reported. For women also, Dehradun is very reliable and provides complete liberation. There are no prevailing restrictions and stereotypes in the community and people are very broad-minded and secular. Students can provide their maximum concentration to the studies in a safe environment. Parents are also relieved from the worries regarding the safety of their child.

3) Advanced Studying Practices

The top schools of Dehradun have reportedly adopted the most advanced curriculum and technological aspects in their educational program. Students experience the best teaching practices in Dehradun schools. The classrooms are equipped with all the necessary technical elements that help the students in getting a superior quality education. Smart classes, digital laboratories, projectors, visual presenters etc. are offered to the students.

The educational curriculum is also designed most productively. Students get to participate in several extra-curricular activities outside of their academics. The children in Dehradun gets enormous opportunities for their over-all personality development through many extra-curricular activities. A student is encouraged to participate in several events and prove their calibre in more areas of life. The best personality enhancement atmosphere is provided to the students in the boarding schools of Dehradun.

4) Internationally Acclaimed Curriculum

Students in Dehradun are introduced to the global standards of teaching practices. Students become more aware of the comprehensive standards of education and hence can show greater competence in the International level as well. Many schools in Dehradun have also incorporated the International level frameworks such as the International Baccalaureate (IB) and Cambridge Assessment International Education (CAIE), along with their regular curriculum. These are some globally recognized educational curriculum and hence adds value to a student’s degree.

5) Higher Education and Career Opportunities

Along with some esteemed schools, Dehradun also has some well-established higher education intuitions offering various specialization courses. Career opportunities are too many as Dehradun encapsulates some of the most prestigious organisations of the country such as Oil and Natural Gas Corporation (ONGC), Defense Research and Development Organization (DRDO), Indian Military Academy ( IMA), etc.

Life of students in Dehradun is a proficient one. Students get all the opportunities to grow their psychological, physical and spiritual aspects. They become more successful and responsible students of society. Students learn responsibilities, self-dependency, leadership and problem-solving skills that are relevant for a productive life. The schools of Dehradun have made their position among the top schools of the country. Here is the list of some of the best schools in Dehradun:-

  • Ecole Globale International Girls School
  • Welham Girls and Boys School
  • The Doon School
  • Woodstock School
  • Mussoorie International School
  • Convent of Jesus and Mary

Dehradun also has some marvelous regular day-boarding schools that are highly preferred by the locals. The performance of the students of Dehradun schools has always been phenomenal in every sector of life. Dehradun boarding schools have been instrumental in producing some of the most famous and successful alumnus, who has served the nation in national as well as international platforms. Therefore, a student’s life in Dehradun is the most fruitful and productive one which guarantees enormous success in the future.

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