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4 C’s Of 21st-Century Learning Skills

21st-century learning skills have 4C’s. And there are four skills that students need in this fast-paced digital world.

We are aware of the fact education today cannot be restricted to just “theoretical knowledge.” Students need to widen their thought processes and develop learning skills that help them in the future.

Here are some 21st-century learning skills

Besides the rudimentary knowledge that children gain, they should also be encouraged to develop a thought process that is creative and innovative. Today, corporates and firms are looking for problem solvers. They want a workforce that is driven by passion. Nobody entertains a dull mind or a bookworm. Even in boarding schools in India, teachers encourage students more for extra-curricular activities than being a bookworm.

Education has surpassed the phase that entertained “just good marks.”

Currently, the scenario believes in teaching children skills that would help them survive in the long run.

The essential learning skills that 21st-century students are expected to imbibe in them are:-


1) Critical thinking

2) Creativity

3) Collaboration

4) Communication


If we dive deep into these skills, as mentioned above, we will understand their gravitas and why students need to teach such learning skills in them.

Critical thinking is significant since it is the crux of any process that requires problem-solving.

The prerequisite of being a problem solver is to have a thought process that is sharp and analytical. To be able to solve complex problems, students must develop critical thinking.

When students understand how substantial critical thinking is, they can apply it to everyday problems they encounter in their daily lives or workplaces. The ones who lack critical thinking will always look for direction. They need somebody to guide them and help them cross hurdles.

The next learning skill that 21st-century students are expected to possess is creativity.

The ability to think differently or out of the box is called creativity. People usually perceive creativity as “either you have it from birth, or you don’t have it at all.”

However, creativity comes with critical thinking too. When you devise ways to do something, you might also become Creative at what you do. The invention isn’t limited to music or dance. It is not just about being poetic or aesthetically pleasing. It is about being good at what you do. Be it a marketing strategy that one designs or a businessman who knows how to save his company from significant losses.

A creative decision requires a creative thought process. Students should be encouraged to be creative and learn from their own life experiences, which they otherwise wouldn’t consider.

The other skill we talk about is collaboration. Collaboration is simply the act of doing things in a group or together to achieve a common goal.

Everyone at some point has to encounter this task of working in groups.

Professionally one must learn how to collaborate creatively and respectfully. Students learn to work in a team before they start working in a company or with a workforce. Classrooms are a perfect example where children learn values like team spirit and respecting opinions. There will be times one will have to make hard choices. There will be sacrifices to be made for the success of the group. Personal goals will be needed to be kept aside. This is how students will learn how to collaborate efficiently.

The last skill that is of utmost importance for any person to possess to be perceived with all seriousness is communication. A good leader will always have excellent communication skills.

In order to make someone understand your requirements or the company’s goals, it is essential to communicate.

Students should know how to convey thoughts and ideas concisely and transparently.

If you wish to teach children the 4c’s, the academic curriculum should have interactive activities and several presentations where children learn how to interact well.

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