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Importance Of Virtual Reality (VR) in Education Technology

As technology increases its effectiveness in education, virtual reality is one of the emerging technologies. Virtual Reality uses computers to design a virtual platform to interact. Unlike traditional screens, Virtual Reality provides a great opportunity to interact with the 3-D environment, which is virtually designed by humans. Boarding schools in Dehradun have employed virtual reality in education technology since its advent.

Bringing VR and AR technology in the classrooms for the students to improve the quality of education. By implementing technology with education, the aim is to build an innovative world.


What is Virtual Reality?

In simple words, Virtual Reality is a human-designed system with the help of computer and electronic devices such as cameras and sensors to interact with 3-D environments. The scope of Virtual Reality is very large. It shows its impact on education, sports, gadgets and many more. Virtual Reality helps the students to study their content and increases student engagement in studies.


Role of Virtual Reality in Education and Benefits.

Field Trips

There are many ways in which Virtual Reality contributed in making learning a lot more interesting and fun. It has become one of the best applications in learning as the students can travel any place in the world without moving a step aside from their seats. 

Imagine being in a History or Geography class, and you’re being taught about a certain place, and its importance or physical appearance or piece of art, Then with the use of VR equipment would be the best way to teach students about it, where they can virtually see the place and have a better imagination about it. 

Skill Importance

Implying your skills from what you learn from class in the everyday scenario, Virtual Reality has made it possible, applying your skills help you develop expertise in it and better change of understanding as well. 

Sanford School of Business is one of the best examples, Indian Institute of Technology Bombay conducted their whole convocation ceremony through Virtual Reality during Corona Pandemic 2020. Attending a lecture in a class without actually being there is breaking a lot of barriers in today’s learning and loss of students in the times of Pandemic.

Student-Teacher Relations

Teachers communicating with individual students and providing them what help they need has been made easily possible with Virtual Reality. With having a lot more personal environment to each student, they won’t feel ashamed in asking their queries and doubt clearing will also become easy. The one on one learning provided by virtual reality is very important for a lot of students of girls boarding schools in Dehradun, who were lacking somewhere. 

Game-Based Learning

Attracting students’ minds and making them pamper to learn is very important, which is possible with virtual Reality as students are attracted to new technology. It has given teachers the opportunity to approach game-based learning. VR Games are a lot more interesting than ordinary games. Childrens can interact a lot better and share their experience without being ashamed of their abilities. 

New Approach

With virtual reality, it is still a long way to go to incorporate it fully into the classes, with all the positive results it has shown there are possibilities for it. Education will become a lot easier and easier to understand as it gives them chances to showcase their personal skills.

Virtual Reality helps in developing better student-teacher relations, and that helps in better future of student as the more they share, the more they explore and more they learn. All the new methods which are made possible with the help of VR are quite interesting.

Other than School education, Virtual Reality plays a very important role in medical colleges as well. Being applicable in numerous professional fields, VR learning plays a big role in medical education. It’s applied much influence on medicine as a discipline thanks to its outstanding uniqueness. VR games in medical education engaged interactive learning experiences for medical students. 

Currently, rather than the standard learning experience, which involves theoretical ways and means, medical students are currently being given the last word experience by learning through interactive means. Interactive during this case simply means they get to have interaction with people’s bodies in learning and that they also get to experience firsthand measures in an almost globe. 

For instance, students could use the VR technology to be told about man’s anatomy. VR makes it easier for one to require apart from the muscles of the body without exactly touching any tissues. While this could not be categorized as firsthand learning per se, it’s way better than the theoretical methods of learning used before. Experiencing inner body parts is made easier with Virtual Reality. 

In conclusion, Virtual Reality helps to expand or increase your thinking or imagination and in better understanding. It can cause experiencing new and exciting discoveries which have an influence on our day to day lives. Moreover, it’s indeed beneficial within the educational system. 

It enables students to simply grasp what they struggle to know when being taught by their educators, teachers, lecturers or professors. Virtual Reality is applicable within the educational field and medical as well as in the research field since it simplifies the training process for students by bringing their virtual environment to Reality and makes it easy for teachers to learn and teach.

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