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Character education
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  • Post published:Mar 4, 2020
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Value education or human virtues play a significant role in the life of an individual. It helps in developing the cognitive personality of a person. The responsibility of a person towards society, his/ her moral and civic duties, mannerisms and behavioural patterns etc. are determined through values that are taught to an individual.

The foundation for learning anything should be entrenched from a very young age. For an efficient character development of a child, the parents and the schools play a vital role. Here are a few ways which state the importance of the character development of an individual:-

1- Ethical values are essential for developing good behavioural patterns in an individual.
2- Ethical values also help a person in realising and fulfilling their social and moral responsibilities.
3- Character education helps in creating a positive attitude in a person that helps in creating strong-minded personality traits.
4- Character education teaches a person about negative habits and also prevents them from bullying and conducting other malice activities.
5- Character education and value education also teaches an individual to respect other cultures and traditions and maintain a peaceful and harmonious atmosphere.
6- People with a formal character education understand and respect the existence of all the life-forms present on the surface of the earth.

Hence, value education is essential in producing a successful and proficient individual of society.


Schools should include the value education program their education curriculum and structure. Special classes should be conducted to teach the students the importance of human virtues in life. Here are a few ways in which schools can ensure a proficient character education program:-

1- Value Education Classes:-

Professional psychologists or even the school administrators and teachers can teach the fundamental values to the students. This can be done through story narration, showing pictures and documentaries or videos in the classrooms every week. Individual books should be issued by all the Indian boarding schools, which includes the essential lessons of value education. These are a few values that the students should be taught regularly and also be encouraged to practice at all times:-

2- Honesty:- Teach the students to speak the truth at all times and conditions of life.

3- Kindness:- Teach the students to be polite to others and never indulge in any rude or aggressive behaviours.

4- Respect:- Respecting everyone in society is an essential aspect of maintaining peace and harmony in the community. Teach the students to respect their elders, juniors, seniors and all the creatures with respect.
Gratitude:- Showing a sense of gratitude towards the people who serve us can make our life and everyone’s life better.

5- Empathy and Compassion:- Being sympathetic to the problems of others is very important for establishing a connection in society. Teach the students empathy and encourage them to respect the sentiments of other people.

2) Conduct Social Activities:-

Social services conducted by the schools can help the students to see the more exceptional picture of society. The schools should arrange excursions that involve the students to help the people in need. Donation camps can also be set up by the students and to collect money for a particular cause. Students can be given the task of spreading awareness about specific social issues among the people. Activities such as donating their books, clothes, shoes etch to the needy people should be highly endorsed. Students should be taken on a trip to the weaker and backward sections of the society and provide their involuntary services to the people.


Boarding schools are highly influential in developing the character of the students. They provide all the necessary aids in developing the personality of the student to be an all-rounder one. A few traits that help in the character enhancement of a student in residential schools are as follows:-

1- RESPONSIBILITY:- Students learn to be responsible as they are required to follow a particular schedule and a set of rules and regulations. They also have to look after their property and needs as their parents are not present around to fulfil their basic needs.

2- SELF RELIANCE:- Students becomes adept in doing their tasks. They learn to do the essential practices of life and also develop a sense of gratitude towards others who do their work in certain situations.

3- EXTROVERSION:- Students develop a very extroverted personality in residential schools and as they interact with more people. Their social skills get enhanced and improved, and they can communicate with people more efficiently. Generally, the students of a boarding school are more successful in life as they are developing a better character over-all.

Character education should be made an integral part of the college-preparatory culture as it helps an individual throughout his/ her lifetime. Childhood is the best time for entrenching the essential traits in a person, hence it should be utilised actively.

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