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Best 10 tips to revise for exams

Best 10 tips to revise for exams


Success doesn’t come from what you occasionally do, but what you do consistently.

Revision in simple terms means to go through the topics again, to look at something from a new or different perspective. It is an ongoing process of rethinking, reconsidering, reviewing, refining, reorganizing, and reviving anything that you have already done before.


You always need to revise anything that you have done before because it’s a matter of chance that you’ll be able to grasp the whole topic or be able to produce your best stuff when you do it for the first time. So revision allows you to understand things in a much better way or gain perspective from a different side or a chance to look thoroughly at what you have produced in your first attempt and make it a better version.


As everyone around you might have asked you to revise your topics more frequently before exams, you all might have understood the importance of revision in our life. But we all come across a dilemma of how to revise. What are the right steps to review anything for excellent and efficient results?

So here we have compiled a few tips by best schools of India for you that might help to revise your stuff in a better and effective way.


There is a very famous saying that you all might have come across at least once in your lifetime ‘Early to bed and early to rise to make a man healthy, wealthy, and wise.’

Well, many people are night owls and like to study late at night and wake up late in the morning, but I believe that waking up early in the morning is a more excellent way of starting your day.

Starting your revision in the morning at least by 9 am will help you to get into a routine that you can stick to.


As a car needs fuel for racing along the road, your body and mind also need food for working efficiently.

So it is imperative to have a healthy breakfast before starting your revision as it helps you to concentrate for a longer duration, and you can grasp things more easily.


Today as the online world and technical gadgets surround us, it is straightforward for us to get trapped in it and lose track of time. We think of peeking into our mobile phones for just a duration of five minutes, and then after some time, we get so much indulged into it that we end up wasting one to two hours of our precious time.

So switch off all devices around you through which you can get distracted easily.

You can use the internet as a reward for a break after completing some of your tasks


It’s not very easy to go through the entire syllabus before exams, so what do you do?

So here is where solving past year papers comes as our savior. You can solve the previous year papers by timing them according to your exam and boost your confidence. You can also go through the topics which you are not able to solve in that particular time duration and improve your preparation.


We, humans, tend to get attracted to colorful and bright things. Make your notes in an organized and unusual manner so that you can get the most out of your revision. Use different fonts, colorful pens, and diagrams to illustrate things.

You can also mark more critical things.

You can also use sticky notes. It becomes much simpler to revise and remember things when you make small are bright notes and stick them around your room.


Planning is essential, but the essential part is to stick to the plan. Always make a plan which you can follow.

Make a revision timetable separately and prioritize it according to your weak and strong areas—plan for different ways of learning like mind maps, essays, fact cards, etc..


Your mind cannot work correctly without taking breaks in between. No one can study for the whole day without taking breaks, and it is also not advisable to do this. Taking breaks in between studies can regulate your concentration level, and you’ll be able to grasp things in a better way.

Take a short break of 5-10 minutes after every 30-45 minutes of studying. You can do anything in that break, play games, watch TV, use the internet, etc..

Make sure that you stick to the break time you decided.


An excellent method of remembering things for a longer duration is to teach them to your friends. If you are confident of a particular topic or subject, you can explain it to your friends, and they could also do the same, and this would be a win-win situation for both of you.


You need to stay calm before the exam, so last minute revision is not a good thing to do. Never try to revise any topic before the exam. Plan your review and do it accordingly.

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