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Top 10 tips for students appearing in competitive exams

The day we step into this world of competition, we are told that ‘Practice makes a man perfect, but this is not a complete truth, it actually means ‘Perfect Practice makes a man perfect. 

Tips that should be on your finger-tips

Question yourself:

Before you fill out any entrance or competitive exam, you need to be crystal clear about what you aim for and why you are into it. Filing a form and preparing is not just a mere formality. It is a process through which you undergo to refine yourself so as to win it. Only when you have a clear vision and have a decent answer to the question ‘WHY’ then can you find the simplest answer to the question ‘HOW’ and everything feels right. It also minimizes the possibility of future confusion towards their professional life, which is being witnessed these days at a considerable amount.

Find your method:

Not everyone is a morning person. Some can work better at night. The basic stereotypical classic learning methods may not work on you, and it is okay. There is a thing that you need to accept that you are special in your own way. You have to research yourself and learn yourself better so that you can make appropriate decisions for yourself. Trust me, if you are confident enough in your method, the world will accept it; otherwise, the results will make it happen. Not just reading the content, try to relate things with your everyday life that will help you in remembering things. Every subject, every content is derived from nature from our surroundings and we try to find it near you. Trying to build stories such as ‘my very educated mother just served us nine plates’ is a universal statement to learn the nine planets of the solar system in order. 


Things that you learned yesterday might be known to you today, and tomorrow they will appear to you familiar but a day after it vanishes. Therefore it is important that you brush up on your previously learned topics or at least the bullet points before getting into another topic. Revision helps to sustain things, and if the previous margins are clear, it creates less confusion with the upcoming topics. It also builds your strong interest, and you try to push yourself harder towards the next step.

Time Management:

Get into a comfortable shoe as the race is going to last longer than you think. Bind yourself into a proper routine and spare the distractions. In your routine, manage to take periodic short breaks and long breaks. Arrange your timetable in such a manner that it is well-organized and easy to follow. It should have time and space for multiple activities and a healthy diet. It is very important you do not find excuses to skip routine unless it is conditional.


What you study and how much time you invest into it matters. It is because the time is limited, but the syllabus is never-ending. Therefore, prioritize subjects and topics accordingly so that you do not waste much time on small topics and secure just a few hours for giant important topics. You need to know what is important and what is more scoring so that you can secure a healthy score for yourself.


Participate in Sports:

Never give up on physical activities or sports because of your study routine. It is very important to participate in physical activities as it helps to relax your mind and strengthens your spirits. If not sports, then nature walks can be preferred. Sports and physical activities are important as your mind and body both need physical strength to cope up with the stress and pressure, and that can only be gained through outdoor activities. Also, being inside in a close four-walled room is depressing and makes you weak.

Distancing from electronic gadgets:

Excessive use of gadgets is exhausting, and you need a lot of energy to study. Therefore, limit your usage of gadgets; hold them only when it is needed to learn something because gadgets are both destructive and destructive. Engagement with gadgets for hours feels like a few seconds, which is why they are capable of carelessly shedding your valuable time.

Proper diet:

The brain and body, when continuously for a long duration of time, require a proper diet to maintain fitness and health. A highly nutritional and fibrous meal is suggested, i.e., a completely balanced diet including green vegetables, fruits, milk, egg, chicken, meat, and less fat. Junk food must be avoided, but a few cheat days can be pardoned. Taking a good diet boosts your mental and physical strengths and capabilities.

Smart work over hard work:

There were times when hard work used to pay off, but today is the time to switch to smart work. Though hard work is important, the rising level of competition needs smart efforts to fight and win. The world today is full of different talented people who have challenged age and have excelled immensely, not just in a singular direction but in multiple directions. The world today is not looking for things that you can do because everyone can do it with resources. The question today is how perfectly and innovatively you do it, which is the reason why smart work matters more. You have to have a factor that should compel the jury in such a manner that out of thousands and lakhs of participants then chose you. 

Choice of words:

A lot of competitive exams are nowadays OMR-based, but still, there are a lot of theory-based exams. While writing an exam, it is important that you maintain the flow of answers along with it so you choose the right words to explain your ideas. The writing should be clear not just in terms of visual impact but also the thoughts and ideas are written should derive a clear idea of what you want to convey, i.e., avoid confusions. Also, give a complete description of your ideas.


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