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Exams are meant to test us for what we know and give us value about the way we will perform in life. It is our responsibility to prove that ‘we are better than what we have proved’.

As exams develop them as an individual, give values, extraordinary thinking, self-assessment, overcome failures, filling them with positivity to improve the quality of education. Exams are planned by an authority and function as a tool for motivation and development. Students despise preparing for examinations.

It is a stressful time, as all eyes in the class are fixed upon you, and you know you have to perform well because your whole future depends on it. Exams are tough, but to ace them, you need to be confident that beyond this darkness lies a doorway that leads to a brighter room.

Are you a student? Do you take exams? Or are you thinking about taking exams at some point in your life? Good news! In this article, I’ve collected some of the best tips to ace an exam.




Top 10 Tips to Ace Your University Exam within Days


  1. Get an early start on studying:

Your first step toward excellence on the bar exam is to get an early start on studying. You can begin by putting away distractions, getting settled at your desk, and opening up your books.

We know that it’s easier said than done to study for several hours, but you will thank yourself later if you commit to this strategy.


  1. Don’t cram the night before an exam:

Don’t cram the night before an exam, it’s a bad idea. Cramming leads to hazy memories and even worse grades.

This is because cramming doesn’t help you remember what you studied but rather tells your brain that this is useful information. If you study regularly, however, your brain will learn how to remember for itself.


  1. Get informed:

Don’t walk into your test unprepared for what you will face. You don’t need to memorize everything that could be on the test, but you do need to be familiar with the format and know what to expect.

Look over sample questions from previous tests as well as actual test books and answer keys. This will help you get familiar with the material and give you insight into how the test is scored.


  1. Use Flashcards:

Read the exam questions carefully before writing your answers, and underline keywords in each question to help guide your thinking. One of the first things that you should start doing as soon as possible is to get familiar with the words and concepts used in the exam.

You can do this by using flashcards to learn new words and definitions, or by answering questions from a textbook. I’ve always preferred flashcards because they’re easy to refer back to without having to keep an additional book at hand.


  1. Divide Big Concepts Into Smaller Details:

If learning a big topic feels overwhelming or like a pointless exercise in memorization, find ways to break it up into smaller chunks. Study one chapter at a time, for example. If you’re studying just one section at a time, you’re more likely to retain the information and use it later on.


  1. Don’t Neglect the “easy” stuff:

After studying for a long time, you’re convinced that you know the material inside and out. You don’t think you’ll forget it before the test. Plus, it all seems so easy in your head. You’re feeling pretty confident at this point. 

You should always have a solid “base of knowledge” on your subject, but you’re not going to learn all that overnight. You need to do a review to solidify things.


  1. Cut out the distractions:

Cut out the distractions this weekend when you study. On your phone, open up your settings and disable any notifications that pop up in the top right-hand corner of the screen.

If Facebook keeps trying to send you notifications, find an app like “block face book;” and block it. Block email. Block Snapchat. Block those annoyances that try to pull you away from the task at hand. Don, ’t listen to music while you study (unless it’s instrumental).

It can be tempting to fill in the silence with a tune you know, but oftentimes people don’t fully realize they’re humming a song until they try to focus again on what they were doing before that tune came on.


  1. Short notes and Formulae on top of your mind:

Regular revision and study are the keys to success, no matter which subject it is. As you go through your course material, highlight the important points and diagrams in a notebook that you call your “Revision Notebook”.

It will be best if you commit yourself to five or ten minutes a day to going over these notes. Set aside a few hours every fortnight for a full revision of all your notes, so that you never have to rely on your tutor for help.


  1. Don’t Just Write, Analyze:

The analysis is learning from mistakes. Most people who took 2 or more attempts attempted the same question twice or more, usually with the same result – a fail.

To avoid making the same mistakes you must analyze your performance after every mock test attempt. This will increase your speed and accuracy in time, which is the key to scoring well.


  1. Don’t get stressed:

You must de-stress yourself during your revision period. Not only will this allow you to better focus on studying your revision materials, but you’ll also be a lot more relaxed when you go back to revise.

Practice breathing exercises and meditation techniques to promote a positive flow of energy through your body. This can enhance your concentration!



Exams are a vital tool to achieve your goals. Whether it’s professional or personal, exams are necessary to evaluate if you are on track to achieve what’s important to you.

Exams are important because they allow us to reach our goals in life. We can’t simply say that exams are not important because we have a fear of failing. Exams are about showing your knowledge, experience, and ability to deal with pressure.


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