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  • Post published:Apr 8, 2020
  • Post last modified:Feb 2, 2021

How to be positive and encouraging parent


Positive parenting can be described as a set of parenting behaviors that helps a child to love, explore, trust, and learn. Such parenting style fosters a very positive influence on the child and helps them to grow in a very healthy environment. The goal of positive parenting is to guide the children towards a successful and well-balanced life, complete in every essential aspect.


An environment that is filled with love is always better for the development of a child. This loving and optimistic atmosphere can only be achieved in a positive parenting style. Parents who are toxic and unnecessarily strict towards their kids generate a feeling of fear and insecurity. The kids of such parents are more spoilt and even more susceptible to lie on numerous occasions to avoid the reaction of their parents. The misunderstanding and distrust in these situations are significant.

Parents need to understand that they are the vital elements in shaping the future of their child. A parent’s influence, guidance, etc. profoundly affects the personality of a child. It is essential to build a strong bond and connection with the kids so that they trust you and respect you.

The behavior that a child adorns at home is also reflected in the community and his/ her peers. If a child is rude and spoilt, then the blame primarily goes to the parents. Therefore, parents need to ensure that they relay a positive influence on their young ones.


Now that we have understood the meaning and importance of positive parenting let us learn about some strategies that can help in this procedure. Here are a few tips that foster an optimistic learning and growing atmosphere for the kids:-

  • Understand or imagine a child’s point of view, especially during challenging moments. Be supportive of your child, and instead of berating them, understand their perspective of the situation. Talk to them and make them understand the various aspects and outcomes of their mistakes. Communication is the key to the prosperity of every relationship. Hence, establish an integrative relationship with your child.
  • Respond with interest and sensitivity to your child’s cues. When a child gets excited with even the smallest of the achievements, retaliate, and appreciate their success. If you ignore and show no reaction, they will feel demotivated. A child touches the utmost happiness when the parents feel pride in their achievements.
  • Recognize that parenting can be stressful, and missteps are the natural part of child-rearing. Just a small mistake does not discredit all your parenting efforts. Learn from them, and try your best to overcome those mistakes. Parenting is like a new experience every day, which comes with a lesson. Don’t be hard on yourself and cherish the process.
  • Recognize and celebrate a child’s strengths, abilities, and capacity to learn and develop. This appreciation will make them feel more willing and motivated towards achieving their goals in life. Motivation is essential for progress and development, and recognition and gratitude is its crucial part.
  • Provide consistent, age-appropriate guidelines and limits for your child’s behavior. Being a careless parent does not count as positive parenting. Set proper boundaries and make rules to discipline your child. Deal with their inappropriate behavior in a specific firm manner. Do not indulge in insults, threatening, and beating your child as these actions would lead towards even more negative effects.
  • Work towards a balance of meeting parental needs and child needs. Parenting can be an exhausting task. Save some time for yourself and self-care. Maintain the right work-life balance and give yourself a break sometimes. A relationship with your partner is also to be nourished and taken care of in the process. Children also feel happy when the relationship between their parents is a healthy and happy one.
  • Feel the delight in the moments of child connection. Every age and phase of a child’s life is a special one. Cherish the present moment and make memories with your child. Build a relationship that proliferates over time. The secret to a healthy and happy life is positivity.
  • Recognize and regulate your feelings and behavior before reprimanding your child. Sometimes our thoughts and moods can affect our behavior. Hence, analyze your current climate, and then talk to your kids, keeping your frustration aside.
  • Seek additional help and support for parenting when needed. There might come certain situations that can be hard to deal with. Consult a doctor or a therapist if needed, and don’t feel hesitant in sharing your struggles with your friends. Getting support can even grow your stand as a parent.

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