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  • Post published:May 2, 2020
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In the fast-paced life of today, an individual does not have the time to relax and think about their mental health. Stress and anxiety have become so pervasive that more than 90% of the people are suffering from mental health issues related to them. Psychological problems are not recognized as a serious problem by the people, and therefore much attention is not provided to these issues. 

In this tedious life-cycle, a person is not able to take out some time for relaxation and self-reflection. Work-life balance is tough to maintain, and sometimes, in this stride, many people develop anxiety, stress, and depression. Mental health can also cause severe repercussions for the physical health of a person. So how can one manage their life and remain happy? What is the best method to look after our mental health?

The most favorable solution to all these problems is Meditation. Meditation is a fantastic practice that can help us control our minds and feel relaxed. A person who meditates regularly is more comfortable in his/ her life and feels more at peace. 

Here are ten fantastic benefits connected to Meditation, that proves its relevance in the daily life of a person.

  1. Meditation helps a person feel less stressed. It lowers the stress hormone level of a person and emanates tranquility in one’s life. Meditating for just 10 minutes daily can make a person regain control of his/ her life and feel less burdened in the process.
  2. In a research study, it was revealed that the students who were trained to do mindfulness meditation achieved better results in their examinations. They were also able to manage their studies better and understand the concepts in a much beneficial manner.
  3. Meditation for a significant amount of time can change our brain functionality for better. We become mentally stronger and develop the power to cope up with the mental health conditions in a much better manner. 
  4. Meditation also makes us adept in emotions handling. We can control our feelings unconsciously and maintain our composure with the help of regular Meditation. People who meditate daily are less susceptible to emotional outbursts, and they feel more complacent in handling their state of mind efficiently.
  5. For older adults, Meditation is a blessing. It makes them feel less lonely and also reduce inflammation-causing genes. Older adults who meditate are more healthy and mentally sound. Their memory remains sharp for a long time, and they feel much happier and more youthful compared to ordinary people.
  6. Meditation can also reverse the aging process. This is because regular Meditation can make one feel better and improve brain functionality. A mind free from stress is much healthier and happy.
  7. Our memory retention abilities also significantly improvise because of Meditation. Our recalling power becomes better, and we are able  ceto memorizer certain things easily.
  8. Meditation also activates the parts of our brain that are linked with creativity and innovation. As our concentration improves, we can think with much more clarity. Therefore, our creative abilities proliferate immensely in the light of Meditation.
  9. We experience much less anxiety because of Meditation. Meditation helps in regaining control of the mind and reduces possibilities related to overthinking. When we meditate, we can see the bigger picture of life, and that helps us in keeping tough with reality. We learn to accept the things that are out of our control and tend to stress less over the things that go wrong.
  10. When we are sad and lost, we are more vulnerable to fall prey to the harmful practices of life. Drug, alcohol and cigarette abuse is a common problem that many individuals face in today’s world. Through Meditation, we can avoid such cravings. Meditation can also help in overcoming addictions related to these intoxicating and harmful substances.

Meditation helps us feel more connected to reality and our surroundings. We live life with fulfillment and tend to accept the changes that we go through. The reluctance of our mind reduces, and we feel satisfied. Satisfaction is the key to happiness, and Meditation helps us in finding this satisfaction and acceptance in life. In the contemporary age, where life has become a hectic schedule, Meditation is a great soul soup to keep ourselves sane and mentally stable.


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