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Best Girls boarding school for class 11

When it comes to educating girls, there is no better place in India than Ecole Globale and it’s easily the best girls boarding school for class 11. The unique learning environment and incredibly supportive community will help your daughter to reach her full potential and become the best version of herself that she can be. This top school in Dehradun is committed to helping each student find and develop her passions while offering the skills and support she needs to pursue those passions successfully.

It is built on the belief that a girl’s education has a direct impact on society as a whole: an educated woman becomes an educated mother, who can then educate her children properly, leading to better citizens for tomorrow’s world. Ecole Globale provides our students with the skills, confidence, and support they need to succeed in life and to use their education for good.


Which is the Best Girls Boarding School for Class 11?

Ecole Globale Best Girls Boarding school for class 11

Ecole Globale Girls International school is undoubtedly the go to choice for anyone looking for a good girls boarding school for class11 in India. The school believes in your ability to succeed in an international setting, and it believes that students can make a true difference in the world. The school is dedicated to empowering you with the knowledge, skills, and confidence you need to become a global leader.

Ecole Globale recognizes that each student has unique needs when it comes to learning; this is why all of our teachers are trained by experts in education who specialize in how children learn best. This allows them to apply their knowledge directly into the classroom where they work closely with their students to give exceptional results.

Ecole Globale offers a unique learning environment in which our students are encouraged to explore new cultures while taking charge of their academic pursuits. The school offers an international curriculum, it combines the best aspects of both traditional and modern education to ensure that its students not only excel in academics but also develop social and emotional intelligence.

Ecole Globale aims to be the best choice for parents who want their children to have the opportunity for academic excellence and personal growth.

Their students are among the brightest girls on earth, but they don’t let their brains do all the work. their rigorous program includes daily exercise and hands-on art classes that help students develop their physical and creative sides. The Ecole Globale curriculum includes foreign language classes for every student, and they offer study abroad opportunities for those who wish to pursue an academic path at an international university.



Curriculum at Ecole Globale

Ecole Globale International Girls Boarding school is a top girls boarding school in Dehradun and has been established with the objective of providing quality education. Since its inception of the school in 2012, Ecole Globale International Girls School is a member of RSIS, a global community that conducts foreign exchange programs across the globe. The school aim at being the top girls boarding school (best boarding schools) in Dehradun and also one of the top girls boarding schools in India.

The school follows two curricula namely the central board of secondary Education (CBSE) and Cambridge International Education(CIE )

The school offers a unique combination of academic excellence with high-quality sports and co-curricular facilities. Its holistic approach toward all-around development makes it an ideal choice for parents looking to provide their children with a head start in life.

The curriculum at Ecole Globale focuses on developing independent thinkers who are motivated to take on challenges and be change-makers and this is what makes Ecole Globale the best school for 11th CBSE. The curriculum is supplemented by an extensive array of activities that help students to explore their passions, discover new interests, and nurture talent.



Infrastructure at Ecole Globale International Girls School

The campus of the Ecole Globale is spread over 40 acres amidst the beautiful Shivalik Hills, situated at 15 minutes distance from Clock Tower, Dehradun. The Ecole Globale International Girls School has a building that is built with state-of-the-art facilities and has a capacity of 500 students.

Ecole Globale International Girls boarding school offers a range of luxurious hostel facilities for girls with a lush green campus making it the best hostel for girls. The school also provides transportation to all the students.

Ecole Globale International Girls boarding school has a multipurpose hall where students can organize different functions, events and activities. A well-equipped auditorium with a seating capacity of over 200 people is also available at Ecole Globale International Girls Boarding School.




All in all, if you want your daughters to go to a school that has engaged teachers, careful attention paid to all the details of a proper learning environment, and will help your daughter grow into strong women with good characters and the capability for success, EGI is a sure bet. With its consistent program, daily interactions with parents, and more, EGI should become the top choice for parents looking for top girls boarding school for class 11.


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