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  • Post published:Jan 23, 2020
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How To Remember What You Study?

Many Students forget what they studied for their exams and cannot remember because there is too much syllabus and little time to learn before the exam. But its not the time problem it’s the problem of memory. The student’s brain cannot memorize anything at the time of exam no matter how many times they repeat their syllabus. This happens because students do not have a strategy for managing their learning and memory. So here we discuss how to remember what you study. These techniques help students to remember anything they learned and make it easier for them.

Best way to study and memorize

we have explained below some best ways to remember things what you read during study. Follow these steps it will definately help to remember what you study.

1. Make Study Meaningful

The first tip for students is to make your study meaningful. Always understand every point and enjoy what you are studying. To study doesn’t mean just to learn all answer; it is about to know and explore new things. During study time students should keep their mind and eyes open. Whatever you are studying, always enjoy that subject, use rhymes and code words to memorize what you learnt.

2. Separate Study Session

While studying, do not try to learn everything at the same time, it will block your mind, and you will be unable to remember anything, and create a mess of the important things.

It means studying all hard subjects like Maths, Science, Social Science one after another is not right, so always plan before studying that what you have to study and make a separate time table for all subjects.

3. Breaks During the Study

Study breaks

Most researches suggested that when you learn or study something, always take small breaks to refresh your mind because if you try to study without taking any break, it reduces you efficiency to learn.

When we are taking breaks during the study, it always strengthens our mind, but if you try to grasp everything at once, then you won’t be able to remember anything. So try to take breaks for few minutes during your study.

4. Get rid of all delays

The things which distract your mind and delay your time are not good for your study. Always make a list and plan before the study about what you want to study and when. Please don’t use your phone during studies because it distracts your mind and you are not able to focus on studies. Not only the phone but you should away from all the thing which come between you and your studies.

5. Coffee During Study

Coffee During Study

Drinking coffee during studies can boost your mind; it is important to take a coffee break. Coffee helps to recharge body and brain, and it helps to think faster. But consuming more coffee is also not good for health, so don’t make it a habit.

6. Speak out loud during studies

Being loud always help you to remember all the things that you have learnt, so read your notes aloud while studying. Those who learn loud are able to memorize more of what they have learnt. But try this tip in your home only as you can disturb other students in school or library.

7. Write whatever you learn

Write whatever you learn

Always write whatever you have learnt. If you write the things that you learn, then you will not forget those things. As, you also can practice for your exam time, and you will get good marks.

8. Learn everything as a story

To remember the things that you have studied, then learn everything as a story and after learning all the things, explain the topic to yourself in story form. It means that teach yourself what you have studied, by creating an interesting story to learn more things and become able to memorize every topic.

9. Treat Yourself

Treat yourself while you are preparing for your examination. It always refreshes and boosts your mind. So when you finish any chapters of yours then treat yourself with some tasty food. After eating, you feel good and ready for the next section. A good feeling is important because it helps to remember.

10. Work out

Exercise is not only right for the body, but it also helps the brain to remember things. Exercise refresh and boost you mind, it is good for all those who want to remember what they have studied. So always exercise or go for a walk for some fresh air and boost your mind.

11. Read Thoroughly

Before memorize anything, read every point thoroughly. Most students make the mistake that they try to learn things before read them correctly. So before learning anything read at least 2 or 3 times because if you try to learn something before proper reading, then it will create confusion and you are not able to remember things.

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