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  • Post published:Jun 15, 2020
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Ten tips to improve the study process


Studying is a task that demands dedication and concentration just like the way it is required at sports school. For a student, the main aim of life is to study proficiently and get eminent knowledge of the various topics. There are several factors that can influence the concentration of the student while studying. Efficient study management is essential to ensure good results and proliferate the learning process. 

Distractions in the contemporary age have multiplied due to the advent of new technologies and gadgets. Students in the present times face more difficulty in concentrating in their studies. But, on the contrary, technology also has emerged as a great asset in learning. Students can utilise the various resources adequately and enhance their understanding. Doubts and queries can be clarified on the tips of our hands. 

With effective time and resource management, studies can be handled in the best manner. Here are top ten tips for the students to ensure an efficient learning process:-


Make sure that you are in a room with good lighting. A low and dim light can hamper the visibility and sometimes cause strain in the eyes. Studying is a process that involves using the thinking and analytical power with the maximum capacity. Therefore, good lighting should be maintained and proper resources should be provided.


Improper or incomplete sleep can make a person very tired. Every student should ensure that they get a proper eight hour of sleep daily. Tiredness can reduce the potential and capacity of a person. For a human body to function properly, proper sleep and rest is required. Hence, students should follow a proper schedule characterised by a proper bedtime and waking up time.


If a proper plan is made in advance then the burden on the students gets significantly reduced. Make sure that a schedule has been planned in advance and engage in regular studies. This way, nothing is left for last minute preparation and students are able to sail through their exams smoothly without much stress and burden.


Dividing your topics and sections with the help of different colours can make the learning process significantly easier. The visibility of the texts and notes gets enhanced and students are better able to memories the things. Confusion reduces and the revision process becomes effortless. Students just have to glance through the notes and they can recall the things that they had learned.


There is a popular proverb that says “Health is Wealth”. Health of a person is very important as it determines the working capacity of an individual. An unhealthy person lags in various areas due to the various complications in their body. Students are in the growing phase of their life when they require all the essential vitamins and minerals. Hence, a proper balanced meal should be ensured for the students. Make sure that a meal sufficient for all the essential nutrients is taken regularly. This will keep the mind healthy and well-functioning. Have foods like apples, walnuts, berries and sprouts that help keep the brain healthy.


When studying, make sure that you are far away from any kind of distractions. Keep the phones, laptops, gaming consoles out of your sight. If it is out of your sight, it will be out of your mind. Take breaks and check your social media updates during this time only. 


Find out new ways to memories the concepts and improvise their retainability. Make a plan or a preferred style that helps you learn things. Make a good memory map. You can also take advice from the parents, teachers and your peers and get tips and advice. Online, many resources are available to aid the students. Do not hesitate to utilize them.


Sitting continuously for hours can make the students severely exhausted. Such activity is not advised keeping the health of a person in consideration. Ensure that proper breaks are taken between every study session. Breaks help in keeping the mind fresh and making a person feel rejuvenated. Breaks can be in the form of a small game or a run. Any activity that draws a student’s attention can be utilized as breaks.


Many students feel that listening to some calming music helps them concentrate better and increases their concentration. Find music that calms your nerves and make your mind at peace. Listen to this music while solving math problems or doing your assignments.


After the exam stress and anxiety, go for a treat. It is always good to reward yourself after all the hard-work. This will clear your mind and also make you feel refreshed and better prepared to face the future events.

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