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Top co-ed girls school in North India offering humanities

Top co-ed girls school in North India are the ones that have a good mix of curriculum and sports. Also, boarding schools offer a unique experience from regular day schools as it allows students to grow at their own pace under the guidance of teachers/guides 24×7, unlike most public or private schools that close during vacations. The best girls’ school should allow students to explore and learn different aspects of life and experiences.

So you’re a foreign student, or even an Indian, who’s reading this post and about to venture into the scary, unknown world of finding a college in North India amongst the 2,000 other students applying for the same colleges. If you’re from a top-class school abroad or have a high percentile in your previous board exams, then finding such an institution for yourself would be much easier. However, if you are neither of these two types of students (like me), then I’m here to help you out find a good college within your budget.

As per research conducted by international schools in india , It is said that the youth of today face a lot of struggles be it something we call identity crisis, peer pressure or finding their self-value. Whatever the reason might be, a majority of young people want to find solutions to these problems. And North India is a good place to look for it.

Because A Girl Might Have To Marry, We Consider Her Education A Waste?

The best school in North India is Delhi Public School, R K Puram, New Delhi. It is a co-education school and offers the best education.

The admission criterion of the school is different for each class and depends upon the age of the child, who seeks admission.

If you are looking for good Top co-ed girls school in North India , which offers humanities and is situated in North India then this school will be the best option.

You can get all the information regarding admission criteria and other details on the official website of DPS RK Puram and can also apply online for admissions.

But if you are looking for a better option than this then I will suggest you go for a residential school which provides world-class education with state-of-the-art facilities, like for example:

The best colleges in India are:

  1. – St. Stephen’s College
  2. – St. Xavier’s College
  3. – Christ University
  4. – Loyola College, Chennai
  5. – Miranda House, Delhi
  6. – Presidency College, Chennai
  7. – Sri Ram College of Commerce, Delhi

In Indian schools, humanities (also known as social sciences) is one of the popular subjects among students. The subject includes history, geography, political science, and economics. These subjects are offered as a group to students throughout their school life.

The subjects that fall under the stream of humanities are generally studied by students who want to pursue a career in areas such as public service, administration, law, and teaching. However, many students do not receive proper guidance about this stream of studies.

Let’s look at what’s on offer for students who study humanities:

Studying humanities will help you develop your reading and writing skills which are essential for most careers. Students studying humanities also tend to have a broad and deep knowledge about the world around them as well as have good analytical skills which are valued by employers in most industries. The subject is extremely beneficial for those who want to go into public service and education-related fields. This is because it develops your communication and presentation skills which are highly desirable in these fields. It will also broaden your general understanding of the world around you which allows you to deal with situations with greater confidence.

Top co-ed girls school in North India offering humanities

If you are inclined toward these subjects then you should consider doing an undergraduate degree focused on humanities.

As a subject, humanities is about studying the human condition and is commonly defined as an area that includes the study of history, literature, music, religion, and philosophy. Humanities courses are usually offered at the undergraduate level in many colleges all over India.


10+2 or equivalent examination with a minimum of 50% marks in aggregate from any recognized Board.

Some institutes may specify subjects as well. For example, Amity University requires that students have English as a subject in their 10+2 exam.

A degree in humanities is a gateway to a wide range of careers from education to business. Humanity graduates can also continue their academic careers by pursuing masters and doctorate degrees.

Humanities is the study of human culture, which includes various branches like art, history, philosophy, religion, anthropology, and language. Students who are interested in these fields can choose humanities as their major subject. Apart from this, it also provides an interdisciplinary platform to the students who want to establish a career in multiple fields. Some of the other benefits of a humanities degree are:

The curriculum of a humanities course is designed in such a way that it helps you gain knowledge about different cultures, beliefs, and traditions. This can help you become more tolerant toward people who are different from you.

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