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What Is A Good Co-Ed/Girls School In North India Offering Humanities?

Do you have a child who is interested in learning about the humanities? If so, you might want to consider looking into a good co-ed or girls’ school in North India that offers this type of education.

There are a few things to consider before enrolling your child in such a school. The first thing you should do is find out if the school is accredited by any recognised accrediting agency. 

There will be more accountability for the school’s academic standards, and its extra-curricular activities and facilities.

You also want to ensure that the school has an open enrollment policy. That means they will accept any student regardless of race, religion or income level. 

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Education In India

 Education In India

As per research conducted by boarding schools in Dehradun ,the education system in India is one of the most inclusive, diverse and affordable in the world. It is also a great place to study and live. The country offers a world-class education at an affordable price, which makes it an ideal destination for students from all over the world.

There are many reputed schools in India offering a variety of courses at different levels. The curriculum is designed in such a way that it covers all aspects of life, including culture, sports and art.

Education in India has a lot to offer, including

Inclusivity – India is a diverse country, with many different languages and cultures. Education is designed to accommodate this diversity. 

Affordability – Education in India is very affordable, especially when compared to other countries. You can get a top-notch education for a reasonable price!

A1 education – The quality of education at schools in India is on par with or better than in other countries worldwide. Schools offer top-notch education at a reasonable price!

Reputed schools – Many reputed schools in India offer high-quality education at an affordable price. These schools are well known for their academic excellence and their commitment to student success.

Why Do People Opt For Humanities?

 Why Do People Opt For Humanities?

Humanities is a broad term for the academic disciplines of history, philosophy, music, language and literature. These areas of study are often seen as more subjective than the sciences and mathematics because they do not rely on empirical evidence to prove their conclusions. However, humanities can also be considered more objective than many other disciplines because their findings are based on historical data or literary analysis.

Many people choose to study humanities because it allows them to explore their interests in a structured environment. Students who enjoy reading or writing may find that studying history or English is a great way to improve their skills without having to take formal classes. 

Others might choose humanities because they want to learn about different cultures or eras through literature or music.

While some students may feel overwhelmed by all of the options available within each field, others may find that this diversity allows them to explore different topics while still focusing on one subject at a time.

Humanities are a great option for those who want to study the humanities. These types of degrees will help you understand the world around you, and they can also prepare you to enter a variety of post-graduate programs. The best reason to choose this path is that it allows you to learn about yourself, your values, and how you fit into the world around you.

Benefits Of A Co-Educational School

 Benefits Of A Co-Educational School

A co-educational school is a school that accepts both boys and girls. It is also known as a mixed school or a co-ed school. A co-educational school was once considered a modern idea, but it has now become the norm.

There are many benefits of a co-educational school for both students and parents:

  1. You will learn to work with different people from different backgrounds.
  2. You can develop leadership skills and gain confidence in yourself by speaking up in front of others or participating in group work.
  3. You will be able to build relationships with people from all over the world through extracurricular activities such as sports teams, clubs, community service projects, etc.
  4. You will develop better communication skills because you will have to interact with both boys and girls daily at school and at home too!
  5. Co-ed schools are more affordable than single-sex schools because they save money on separate facilities like dance rooms, restrooms, playgrounds etc., which would otherwise be needed if there were separate schools for boys and girls!

Woodstock School

 Woodstock School

In 1854, Woodstock School came into existence. Its early years corresponded with the East India Company’s hegemony. Even though Americans ran the school during the Raj, it occasionally served as a haven for families who disagreed with the British administration in India. The history of the school and its alumni may be traced through events like the two world wars, the independence and partition of India, and the political upheavals that followed.

With a focus on teaching and learning excellence, Woodstock School provides a world-class education in a multicultural setting. Our inclusive Christian faith and the Indian Himalayan environment serve as inspirations for how we produce visionary, eloquent, and ethical people who are prepared to reach their greatest potential in leadership and life.


The school offers an inquiry-based curriculum that is aligned with the IB’s international standards. In the Early Years, we follow a curriculum that is aligned with the Primary Years Programme (PYP) and Primary Years Programme (CP).

In Grade 6, students begin their journey through the Middle Years Programme (MYP). This programme is designed for students aged 11–16 who are starting their secondary education.

Students in Grade 7 can choose from three pathways: the MYP, Diploma Programme or Career-related Programme. The MYP is ideal for those who enjoy learning and want to develop their skills in a wide range of academic areas. The Diploma Programme is aimed at well-rounded learners who want to explore their interests more deeply and prepare for university studies.

Finally, our Career-related Programme offers students with a strong interest in science, technology or engineering a chance to pursue their passion while gaining hands-on experience in their chosen field.

Grade 8 students continue with either the MYP or Diploma Coursework Programmes until they complete Grade 10.

After completing Grade 10, students may choose from the IB Diploma Programme (DP) or Career-related.

Extra Curricular Activities

Outdoor Learning: It serves as a learning stimulus, a way to make academic material come to life, and it presents physical difficulties that encourage social and personal development.

Woodstock students gain resilience and leadership skills while forging lifelong connections with the natural world through academic outdoor learning and lengthy adventures. The outdoors is a rich source of knowledge and a prized part of the Woodstock experience.

The Centre for Imagination has expanded beyond all recognition since its founding in 2014 and following the launch of the programme in October 2016. Working with the kids and faculty at Woodstock School to realise what might have at first seemed like a fantastical vision has been an immense honour and privilege for me.

They have implemented a strict co-design process.

The program’s content and the character of our physical environment have been shaped by the input of students and staff at every stage. The Center for Imagination represents a genuinely shared vision for how we may change the educational system as we currently know it to accommodate 21st-century, international learners.

Fee Structure

They set the fees annually.

An annual fee, an establishment fee, and a security deposit are all required in addition to the application for admission to Woodstock School and subsequent enrollment in the relevant School Division. Tuition, textbooks, notebooks, boarding and accommodation, basic laundry, internet access, email services, field trips for classes, and the majority of social activities are all included in the annual costs. 

Fees for the 2023-2024 Academic Year


Grade 618,05,000 INR
Grade 718,05,000 INR
Grade 818,05,000 INR
Grade 918,65,000 INR
Grade 1018,65,000 INR
Grade 1120,05,000 INR
Grade 1220,05,000 INR



It is not easy to find a boarding school or college in India that provides quality education to both humanities and scientific streams, so making a clear choice is vital. If you are looking for the best option, explore our website because we are partnered with some of the most reputed North Indian schools offering humanities. Choose from our suggested schools and get admission this year. It will be worth your money and time!

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