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Smart study hacks to improve your memory

Smart study hacks to improve your memory

Exam time can be stressful and it creates anxiety among students as they have to prepare for exams by learning and memorizing lots of information which make the brain overloaded with information so when students start their exam and read questions they find it difficult to recall the answers to some questions even though they have already studied about that and it happens because it’s also difficult for the brain to process all the information and memorize it straightway.

To make the learning process the easier student should use these study hacks as they will not only simplify the process of learning but it also prepares your brain in a right way for the examination resulting in students will be less anxious about exams and they will able to understand and absorb the information in a better way which improves the chance for them to understand or memorize information and perform well in examinations.

Best study hacks to improve your memory

1 – Teach others what you have learned

This is one of the best ways to retain knowledge as there is a saying knowledge will only increase if you share your knowledge with others. So students should teach their friends or they can just simply stand in front of a mirror and teach the man in the mirror, this way they are able to understand the information deeply making it easier for the brain to store the information.

2 – Minimum Distraction

We live in a world where mobile addiction has become a serious problem as there are so many entertainment apps, games, social media and etc which is quite addicting that can easily waste a lot of valuable time so it is advised that students should stay away from these distractions at the time of exams as it will make harder for students to learn and absorb the information in a better way.

3 – Read Out Loud

This is also one of the best tricks to improve memorization as a study shows that studying while reading out loud will increase the chance of information retention by almost 50 % whereas if you read silently you will often get distracted by little noises making it hard to focus and memorize information.

4 – Use Educational Technology

There are so many educational technologies available and students can take full advantage of them as every student have a different learning style so they can choose the learning method accordingly as there are lots of ways to grasp information like video, audio, infographics, apps and etc these will help students to understand the information in a better way using the best medium which caters their learning style

5 – Take regular breaks between study

If you studied continuously without taking a break their brain will get tired and will not be in a good position to absorb the information as it continuously bombarded with new information so it is always better to plan your study time accordingly so that you can take a break after the regular interval this will give time for the brain to relax and absorb the previous information in a better way before continuing with the new information.

6 – Reward Yourself

Rewarding yourself with every complete task is a great way to encourage yourself to do more efficient learning as you can decide. Once I finish this topic I will treat myself with ice creams, or play games, or use mobile for 30 minutes. This will help students to learn, take a break, enjoy and then again get back to learning and achieve more by this they are not compromising fun activities or learning.

7 – Solve previous year Question Paper

This is also one of the study hacks where you can solve the previous year’s question paper as this will help you to better prepare for the examination and it acts as a demo test where you can showcase your knowledge and solve previous year’s question papers. When you write down the answer in an answer sheet this will make you memorize the information even more.

8 – Group Study

Group study is one of the best ways to learn and gain knowledge as to when a group of friends decides to study together they tend to help each other with their knowledge some friend who is good in theory and some friends will be good in practice so they both can teach each other and help them better understand the information and clear all their doubts. Students pay more focus on friends instructions so this will be an excellent way which can help you improve memorization of information

9 – Meditation

Meditation is a way to calm down your brain and provide relaxation to the body. This will help students to remove all exam anxiety and give time for the brain to Process all information making information in the brain settle down. So students should meditate regularly before appearing for exams.




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