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Oh, my God! Only a few hours to go for the final exam, and I am not even sure about my preparation! Should I skip my sleep and study for the entire night? Should I set my alarm for a few hours early, so that I can wake up and revise for one last time? 

All these questions are quite pervasive in a student’s mind on the night before the exam. The anxiety and stress caused in a child’s memory one day before the final exam is very significant. Even the brightest student of the class might have a slight dab of nervousness. Although there is a less chance if the student is studying from a good finishing school.

So how can we overcome this overthinking and anxiety? How can a student remain calm and relaxed on the night of the exam?

Controlling our minds and thoughts is vital to keep ourselves calm and prepared. Overthinking and forming false scenarios can induce stress and also increase our workload. Having positive thoughts and creating an optimistic mindset can motivate us. Here are some things that one might keep into consideration the night before the exam. 


Visualize yourself in a positive exam setting. Imagine that the paper is as per your expectations, and you are efficiently able to tackle the questions and manage your time. This will amp up your confidence levels, and you will better be prepared to face the exam. It will also help in calming your nerves, and your mood will get enhanced.


Reminisce on all of your previous performances in which you delivered exceptional results. Think about the strategies that you applied and how you handle the situation. This will make you feel more complacent in your abilities. Take lessons from these analytics and think of a way of applying similar strategies on your exam the day after.


Once the lights are off and you have laid down on your bed, remind yourself about how well you have prepared. Instead of focusing on the things that highlight your short-comings, think about the areas that are your strong points. Feel confident in your revision strategies and be satisfied. Unnecessary worry and stress can hamper your sleep and become a hindrance during the examination.


Comparisons and peer pressure can always make a person feel stressed and underachieving. Instead of or comparing yourself with others focus on yourself and your abilities. You are in control of your mind. Be confident in your skills and accept the disparities that are prevalent in the community.


If you perceive the examination as a threat and something challenging, you will automatically feel stressed. Take the exam in the positive light and as a personal growth challenge. Consider it as an opportunity to prove your caliber and showcase your skills. It is all about the power of the mind. If we take something in a positive light and a growth opportunity, your mindset towards it will also change.


Failures are a significant part of life that helps us grow and learn new things. Failure does not indicate our incompetence. It only shows the failure of our strategy and acts as a great learning experience. If we learn from our failures and take the necessary lessons in a positive stride, we can sail through any challenge of life smoothly. Remember your setbacks and learn how you overcame them. This will make you mentally prepared to face future challenges. 


Lack of sleep on the day before the exam can deteriorate the performance of the student. Make sure that you take proper sleep of at least 8 hours to relax your mind. Sleepless nights can cause more anxiety and stress. Instead of last-minute cramming, take adequate sleep and rest your mind. This will help you concentrate during the exam and also keep you appropriately engaged. Also, make sure that you have a proper breakfast before leaving your home for the examination. 

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