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  • Post published:Jun 3, 2021
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Sunday Night Heavy on Yeddyuruppa Govt

New Delhi: the by-poll results in Karnataka of 15 Assembly segments will be proclaimed on Monday- 9th December 2019, as the checking and destiny of four-month-old B.S. Yeddyurappa government, would be chosen as the decision because Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP)- the ruling party as of now, is shy of a larger part in the 224-part house. BJP has to win at least six seats to hold its dominant part in the house, as the party has, at present, 105 MLAs and an independent MLA in the Assembly. The Congress is additionally looking at the result as its pioneers are showing signs of yet another tie-up with the JD-S. 

Congress’s leader- B.K. Hariprasad said: “numerous things will change after the result of the by-polls.” Before Yeddyurappa came to control, the Congress-JD-S partnership government fell head first, after the renunciation of 14 Congress and three JD-S MLAs. Now, the by-polls are being held in 15 seats, and two seats are under the prosecution in the High Court. The past speaker excluded the entire team of the protesting MLAs.

BJP is cheery as exit poll results in Karnataka anticipated the decision (after Thursday’s local exit poll results) of BJP would win the race in all 15 Assembly sections. A Kannada news channel- Power TV, has assessed at least eight and a limit of 12 Assembly seats for the BJP. For Congress, it is anticipated that it may save three to six wins for the party as per the look of the by-polls and on a sad note, it predicted 0 to two seats for Janata Dal (Secular). BJP nicely handled all the dissident Congress and JD-S MPs who toppled the JD-S-Congress government in the state. Despite the fact that cadre revolts tormented the party for being denied the tickets in specific voting demographics, the party now claims that it wasn’t a big deal and definitely won’t influence the outcomes.

While the BJP claims it will win each one of the seats (yes, the party went on record for this claim), the party’s assessment keeps it to the success of anything over 10. By-polls were held in 15 constituencies on December 5th, 2019 in Athani, Kagwad, Gokak, Yellapura, Hirekerur, Ranibennur, Vijaynagara, Chikkaballapura, K.R. Pura, Yeshwanthpura, Mahalakshmi Layout, Shivajinagar, Hosakote, K.R. Pete and Hunsur Assembly seats. The by-polls suggest that the BJP needs to retain at least six seats to maintain its hold over the state.

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