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Family and parents are the first teachers that a person encounters. Family members are companions for life. They stand with us through thick and thin and also teach us various valuable life lessons. For kids, their parents are their idols, and they look up to them in every sphere of life. 

It is conspicuous that the time that we spend with our family members is not only good for entrenching strong bonds, but it is also a great learning experience. The productive time spent with the family can prepare us to face the world in a better way. This learning experience can be made more fun and creative through playtime. Playtime with the family has a crucial role to play in our knowledge gaining process. When all the members sit together and engage in some fun- group activities, they establish Bette connections and also enhances their learning experience. 

In this sector, board games have a significant presence. Several board games require us to utilize our thinking and decision making skills. Hence, our logical reasoning and analytical skills get developed in the process. It also helps in building essential virtues or teamwork, friendship, corporation, leadership, acceptance, and interpersonal relationships among the kids. Therefore, board games play a vital part in a family environment. 

The board games culture has made a significant stand in the community. Whenever we talk about family reunions, such games act as a significant stakeholder. Gatherings become more fun and engaging. The interaction between then members also gets enhanced in the process. For kids, such activities are thrilling and new fun experiences. They love playing with the elders, and sometimes winning over the elders helps them in improving their self-confidence. Cognitive abilities also proliferate in this manner. 


1) It helps in creating better bonds among the family members as they spend time having fun.

2) It helps in enhancing the communication skills of the children. As they interact more during board games sessions.

3) Children also improvise their critical thinking abilities. They learn to analyze things more productively and also develop their problem solving and decision-making skills. 

4) Working in teams teaches children essential skills like leadership, teamwork, coordination, synchronization, etc.

5) It is a fun activity which every family member can enjoy. It also helps in relieving stress as spending quality time with the family member can alleviate the mood. 



A classic game that is bound to create a fun, filled, and exciting environment. The game does not require a lot of understanding, and a person’s expertise level increases with time and practice. Children from 6-8 years absolutely love this game and also immensely enjoy it. It can also help them in improving their mathematics skills as the game is based on the points system. Parents can teach the children simple additional tricks through this game. Parents can also help the children in determining the most favorable angle that would help them in earning a peck. New ways of using a striker and finding out the best striking position is another learning experience for the children.


Now, this is that one board game that can teach some real-life lessons to the kids. Bargaining, earning, investing, etc. are a few things that this game involves us in. This game is not only brain consuming for the kids, but adults also have to use a lot of mind power in the same. This classic is one of the most popular family board games. Children learn about money handling, profit, and loss through this game. 


One of the oldest board games around, chess definitely demands some thinking and decision-making abilities. This game is so influential that kids show a lot of interest in learning the game. Although challenging, with regular practice, children can become proficient in this game.

This game is not just a fun home activity. Various schools organize chess competitions. Even at the national and international levels, this game has earned considerable recognition. 

Some of the best boarding schools in Dehradun provide significant relevance to this game. Chess is considered to be a great asset in developing memory and critical thinking abilities. Every family must have one chessboard at their homes. 


When enjoyment is concerned, this game tops the list. Jenga is one of the most enthralling family games. The anticipation and concentration of this game demands are just phenomenal. This game helps people and particularly children in steadying their hand movement and also Improving their concentration skills. One needs to find out which block will help the tower stay put, so that requires a thought process.

Board games are crucial and a standard part of every family. Families should engage more frequently in these activities as they offer numerous advantages. With a fun-packed and creative environment, board games are instrumental in teaching various vital skills. 

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